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3 Factors to Consider When Buying Sod from Sod Farms in Georgia

Through some expert information, you can learn more about the quality of the sod farms in Georgia. To distinguish the quality, you should watch out for some important qualities.
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When you look at sod, it will surely appear simple at a glance. Quality sod should appear the same. It should grow the same and unroll the same. For most people choosing sod, however, the main challenge is to know the key differences between the sods over others. As you visit sod farms in Georgia, you have to look for quality, and investigate the type of sod closely. 

As you invest in high-quality sod, you should consider buying it only if you feel it is up to the mark. To buy the finest quality one, you must have the right information and experience. Can you get the best quality sod? Through some expert information, you can learn more about the quality of the sod farms in Georgia. To distinguish the quality, you should watch out for some important qualities. 

Sod Farms in Georgia

Is the Soil Good Enough?

Once you decide to buy sod for your front lawn or backyard, an important consideration is to check the soil quality that comes with the sod. You can also check if the soil will be able to support the growth of the sod. When choosing the sod-based on the consistency, you should check whether it has at least an inch of soil in it. If it has excessive soil, the grassroots will not grow properly to reach out to the topsoil in the yard. Having less soil often means having a lack of support for the grass until it grows out completely. 

This way, the roots will have a chance to grow into the soil or below the sod. For the sod to grow properly, consistency is highly important. This is true especially if you are planning to lay it down in the case of extreme summer. Just at a glance, the sod may end up looking as though it is falling apart, and consistency is important at such times. 

When you buy sod from Atlanta Sod Farms, the key process to successful growth should be the care given to ensure grass grows well. The soil often serves as the only nutrient available for the sod. Soil is crucial for it because it helps to sustain the grass, and ensures it adapts properly to it. Just know that when the soil breaks apart, there’s a chance that the sod will not grow well. When considering the soil, make sure it has no cracks or crumbling effect. If it does, it means the nutrients are not in a good state and it will only break away. In addition, packed soil isn’t good too, because it will have to work a lot better to access the nutrients and use them at a faster pace.

Is the Sod Mature Enough?

To be sure that the sod you are investing in is a high-quality one, you need to check whether it is mature enough or not. Make sure it is in a growing phase, or else it will not be able to handle transplantation. Take a closer look at the roots of the sod. They must appear tangled and messy, a lot similar to how a spider web appears. Sod knit well together will be able to handle rough handling. In addition, it should be a lot easier to tie it well together. 

This way, it will also handle minor cuts at the time of delivery, when laying it down, rolling it up, or transporting it. The thickness of the roots or the mesh needs to be visible enough so that it establishes itself once its set or laid. 

When you buy the sod, check the color of the grass. It has to be consistent all over. If the colors do not appear the same all over, it will mean the grass isn’t mature, unhealthy, or it is about to wither. 

Fertilize the Sod Well

Before you buy sod, you must make sure that it has proper fertilization. This is highly important because it keeps the sod resistant to the risks of drought and less apt to chances of the soil losing its life. Fertilizer also plays a role in the shade, where it boosts the color of the sod. It also helps it from recovering from any form of stress at the time of transplanting or uprooting it. If your sod has enough fertilizer, it will be green and happy. 

When you invest in sod from the best sod farms in Georgia, make sure that you ask them details on the fertilizer time. For sure, you wouldn’t want to invest in a sod that didn’t have enough fertilization. When buying sod, both extremes would lead to problems, including brown patches, crabgrass, and wilting.  

As the sod goes firm in its place, it will develop a consistent schedule, where you will have to fertilize it and ensure it stays healthy and strong for a long time. 

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