5 YouTube Hidden Tricks for Android Smartphones

5 YouTube Hidden Tricks for Android Smartphones

YouTube is one of my favorite applications. It's perfect for listening to music, for watching funny videos or even for watching your favorite TV shows. Like any application, it has tricks that we can take advantage of to get more out of it. Next, the best YouTube tricks that everyone should know.

YouTube Hidden Tips
YouTube Hidden Tips

Activate night mode

By activating the night mode, the white lights are dimmed, thus taking care of our eyes, especially if the exposure time is going to be prolonged. There are also those who say that using our devices before sleep negatively affects the quality of our rest. That is why if you use your smartphone in bed, it is important that you activate the night mode.

To do this, you must go to your profile (upper right of the screen), and then to Settings> General> Dark theme.

Make a GIF with any YouTube video

It is often necessary. Also, there is nothing like taking a moment out of a video. The steps are very simple, and we will do it thanks to a website on the internet:

  • From a web browser enter the video you want to make the GIF (if through the smartphone you must check the website option for computer).
  • Access the address we just wrote (you may be asked to add a security exception).
  • Here you can choose the interval to repeat. Once selected click on Create GIF.
  • Add in title, tags, and click on Next. In the new screen, we will have several options with links to share the GIF or even download it.

View blocked content in your country

If a certain video is blocked in your country, nothing better than setting up a fake location so you can watch it. It is very easily achieved through one of the many VPN services available for Android. From the application of the VPN service, we only have to select a server in a country where this content is unlocked, and you can see it.

Listen to music on YouTube with the screen off

Getting YouTube to continue working in the background and with the screen off is not possible from the official application, but there are alternatives. The official way is to download the video from the YouTube Premium or YouTube Music service, which requires a monthly subscription for 11.99 or 9.99 euros respectively.

The other option is through the Firefox internet browser.

Clear/pause playback and search history on YouTube

It is extremely simple and will take 30 seconds. Open the application and register with your account. In the upper right corner, touch your profile picture and then go to Settings. From the entire list of options select History and privacy. 

To delete the playback history and the search history, we have the first two options. But if you want to pause the history log so that the next thing you will see does not appear, activate the third option. To give you an idea, this option is similar to surfing the internet with private or incognito mode.

Do you know any more tricks you want to share with us?

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