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7 SMS Marketing Tips for Insurance Companies

Thanks to advancements in mobile technology, SMS marketing has become an excellent tool for various companies and industries. Fortunately for you, the insurance industry is no exception.
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Thanks to advancements in mobile technology, SMS marketing has become an excellent tool for various companies and industries. Fortunately for you, the insurance industry is no exception. In fact, many insurance officials are turning to text messaging marketing to offer their customers a better experience - and thus increase their profits.

7 SMS Marketing Tips
7 SMS Marketing Tips for Insurance

For this reason, let's look at 7 smart SMS marketing tips for insurance companies and see how they can be used to grow your business.

1) Remind the customer of the policy's expiration date

Do you want to be at the forefront of your customers? Then show them that you care. With SMS notifications you can send automated notifications to customers if their policies have expired. This will bring the future expiration date to the forefront of your customers' thoughts and make it more likely that they will resign from your company.

2) Include link-backs in messages

Companies that include link-backs in their text messages can generate more traffic to their website. This means that this highly effective SMS strategy could see a larger influx of potential customers to your homepage.

With the right links, you can send customers directly to landing pages where they can purchase your goods, read about your policies or even find valuable contact information for your business.

The use of linkbacks is a great way to engage customers with your company and your website. Therefore, ensure that you include as many link-backs as possible in your SMS notifications.

3) Advertising Special offers

Insurance companies can also use SMS notifications to advertise their special offers. If you have offers, discount coupons, offers or exclusive offers, you must inform your customers via text message notifications. This is a great cost-effective way to bring your services to the market and attract more people to your company.

By bringing your marketing campaign to your consumers' phones, you are focusing on higher clicks and larger conversions for those special offers. This means more profit for you and greater loyalty from your consumers.

4) Remind customers of payment dates

You can also use SMS notifications to remind customers of upcoming payment dates. Your customers will appreciate the information, especially if you send reminders a few days in advance. This helps you to keep your customers' payments on time and also ensures that you build stronger brand loyalty among consumers.

Payment Reminder

The beauty of texting? It offers amazing flexibility. You can offer daily reminders or just send a one-time message - it's really up to you.

5) Do not spam your customers

Keep in mind that you don't have to spam your customers. Although insurance companies can use SMS notifications for their (substantial) benefit, it is important to remember that customers do not want their phones to be blown up every few days. Try to keep your SMS notifications to a minimum and only for important notifications and offers.

By doing this, you can keep yourself at the forefront of your customers without feeling overloaded or pressured to buy into your services. It goes without saying that too many sales of your products and services could lead customers to opt-out of your SMS campaign.

6) Claim management

In 2016, 97% of the protection applications presented were paid out. In addition, travel insurers paid £ 365 million to travelers who needed help abroad. Where insurers once focused on avoiding paying a claim, a paradigm shift has been made in recent years to ensure that claims are processed and settled as quickly as possible. If someone has submitted a claim, there is a good chance they will resolve the situation.

Text messages are a great way to keep customers informed as the claims pass through your review process. Send a confirmation message when the claim is received, another when it is being actively assessed and another to let them know if you need more information. By keeping them informed at every step, you can put them at ease, but it can also reduce your call centers or agents for updates. Once the entire process is complete, you must follow a feedback investigation.

7) Surveys

Do you know what your customers think of you? Have you been asking them lately? Sending a short text message survey can be a simple and quick way to gain insight into how your company is performing, how you are perceived and what you are doing wrong and well. The surveys can be sent randomly to all customers or triggered based on events. Automatically send a survey two days after a claim is made to see what they thought of your process and results.
Send another survey to people who have recently used your customer service and see if they had a good (or bad) experience. Survey results can always help you improve what you do and the use of SMS Marketing makes it quick and easy for everyone.

The suggested suggestions are just some of the ways in which the insurance industry can use SMS marketing. Used effectively, they can help reduce costs, increase sales, and improve your brand reputation for excellent customer service.

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Hi, I'm Sheikh Irfan, I am an SMS Marketing Executive for SMSala. I am passionate about all things marketing and have extensive knowledge of SMS marketing. I have worked closely alongside big brands to implement and manage SMS campaigns.

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