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Everything You Should Know about Successful Lip Augmentation Treatment

Lip augmentation is the revolutionary aspect of the latest skincare treatment. It is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments available today. As the name implies
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Lip augmentation is the revolutionary aspect of the latest skin care treatment. It is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments available today. As the name implies, the procedure involves enhancing the appearance of your lips, making them fuller and plumper. Moreover, it is also one of the safest and most predictable beauty treatments, mentions a renowned aesthetic skincare doctor based in Edmonton.

Lip Augmentation Treatment

As beauty therapy technology is gradually evolving, nowadays inject-able dermal fillers prove to be most effective for lip augmentation. Given the sky-high commercial prospect, it's obvious that varieties of dermal fillers are there in the market that can be injected into your lips. Therefore, you have to be very careful in selecting the Best lip fillers, the Edmonton doctor further adds.

Hyaluronic acid fillers 

The safest variety of products to use is the ones that contain hyaluronic acid (HA) as an ingredient. This substance forms a natural composition in our body and thus is safe from all aspects. The range of dermal fillers containing the acid is called hyaluronic acid fillers.

Technology has advanced so much that varieties of dermal fillers are there in the market. Different varieties provide varying results and thus, you should choose your one based on what exactly you want. For example, Juvederm is a variety of HA filler that gives you pillowy pout lips. On the other hand, Restylane is another variety that offers a more natural and realistic augmentation to the lips.

For people with pretty realistic expectations, usually one syringe or 1 ml of the product is injected. But if you want something exceptional for your lips, probably 2 to 3 ml of your chosen dermal filler will have to be injected.  

Fast procedure producing almost instant results

The overall procedure lasts hardly an hour and that too most of the time is spent on a discussion between you and your doctor. This healthy discussion is of utmost importance because it helps you both to stay clear about each other's expectations and reality. In the next step, the doctor will select the spots where the filler will be inserted.

On the flip side, you'll experience a little bruising at the injection sites. They are not most likely to appear immediately, nor they will fade away that fast. Bruising, swelling or any other side-effect resulting from dermal fillers usually takes 3 days to go away. If you get bumps in the lips, it shows the filler is very close to the surface. If you got  Juvederm filler, start gently massaging the lips with a lip balm after 48 hours to smooth out those bumps. But it's best to take the matter to your doctor's court and seek his or her advice.

Try to avoid any numbing cream

Majority of fillers, patients start applying a numbing cream even before the fillers are inserted. This they do mostly out of the perception of pain. Yes, it is going to be painful and there's no point in hiding this fact. Particularly the cupid's bow area will give you somewhat of a trying time. But bear the pain if you can without using any numbing gel or cream. These medicated products swell up your lips. 

This makes difficult for you to assess the actual effect of the filler after you're through with the injection.

Consider the risk factors in advance

Thanks to innovative marketing strategists, lip fillers are often described as a lunchtime skincare procedure. This makes people think it is absolutely risk-free. There's always a hairline possibility of an allergic reaction triggering up from it. 

To be on the safer side keep consuming cold sore medication 3 consecutive days before your appointment.

Cost of the treatment

Our doctor in Edmonton says the cost of lip fillers is another factor that's worth mentioning. Just like other aesthetic procedures, it is not very reasonably priced. Moreover, as it does not offer a lifetime solution, you'll have to bear the recurring cost in almost every 6 months.

However, on the positive side you should note that considering the competitive market, skincare clinics offer excellent bargains on the treatment. So it's worth keeping your eyes and ears open.




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