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Clubfoot Treatment in Infants

Clubfoot is known to be the variety of congenital disorder of the foot in which the texture of the baby's foot is out of its normal position. In this condition of a club foot, the tendons in the foot are shorter than the normal case.
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What Is Clubfoot?

Clubfoot is known to be the variety of congenital disorders of the foot in which the texture of the baby's foot is out of its normal position. In this condition of a club foot, the tendons in the foot are shorter than the normal case. Clubfoot is known to the most common birth defect in infants. The density of this disorder can be range from mild to pretty severe. In most of the cases, new-borns take birth with clubfeet abnormality. 

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Clubfoot Treatment

Clubfoot significantly affects the overall growth and the walking order of the child, so that’s why doctors recommend this disorder to be treated after the few weeks of birth or before the child starts walking. There are many cases in which it seemed that clubfoot is successfully treated with only home remedies and with some procedure but although in some cases where the severity of this disorder is high children may need surgery later on in their life.

What Are The Causes Of Clubfoot?

Yet, the exact cause of clubfoot is still not available but it was literally just a fact that the cause of club foot can be the position of the fetus which is in the mother's body. In some of the cases, it was classified that clubfoot can occur due to the congenital musculoskeletal disorders like spinal Bifida. 

Specialist and doctors also concluded that if a pregnant lady smoke during pregnancy then it may increase the chances of having a club foot with the unborn child, especially in people who have a family history of this disease. 

Treatment of Club foot

Causes Of Clubfoot

As per the doctors, it was said that the Clubfoot should be treated as soon as possible after the birth of the infant because for the till the few times of the birth the bones of the child are extremely flexible and can be treated at that time easily. Doctors suggest starting treatment usually the second week after the birth of the child. The main agenda behind the treatment is to improve the structure of the foot and to make it normal as soon as possible before the child starts developing. 

Here are some of the treatments measures for treating Clubfoot are:-

Stretching and Casting: this is the type of treatment in which the doc will stretch the foot in a normal position and then try to hold it for maintaining it in that position. This is one of the most recommended procedures by the specialist and suggests repeating this procedure once to twice a week for a few months. After this procedure, the doctor will do a procedure to increase the density of the Achilles tendon. Once when the shape of the foot gets normal, then its a parent’s job to keep maintain that position by doing regular stretching exercises with the baby's foot. For the best result, the doc will suggest you use braces and recommend you to ensure that the baby wears it as long as it is required and the time process can be up to two to three years. 

This is one of the most successful methods of treating Club foot but only when the parent involves exercising the baby and regular use of the brace. Parents need to be active in the treatment of their children with this procedure. 
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Stretching and Taping:- this is another method of treating Clubfoot and doc also describes this as the French Method of treating Clubfoot. This is a little bit different from the first one instead of doing the regular exercise: in this method, the parent has to move the foot to a normal position on a daily basis and then taped it. In this procedure, a machine is used to change the position of the foot when the baby gets to sleep. As per the doctors, this method should be continued for six months and also parents should use night splints until the baby starts walking.

Surgery for Club Foot: - the surgery method is required only after when the above two methods show no results and the child does not respond as per the expectation. Then doc suggests surgery to treat the clubfoot and in this method, the surgeon will increase the height of the tendons and then he slowly get the foot in the normal position. After the surgical treatment casting will be required for up to two months, in which parents should place the baby with a brace for up to a year.

Final Verdicts:- 

So, guys, hope you will find this article helpful regarding club foot. And if you or any other in your family or your child has club foot issues then you can all this info to know about the next step you should take. 

If you have any queries related to club foot or this article then you can contact us through the comment section given below in this article.

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