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Fine Ghadi Biya Khouya – In Depths of Morocco Lineage

Obviously, you do! What could be better than listening to your favorite singer humming in the background while you are driving your way to unfamiliar terrain? Having something familiar with you can be a comfort you need even if you feel out of place.
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Lovesome good music?

Obviously, you do! What could be better than listening to your favorite singer humming in the background while you are driving your way to unfamiliar terrain? Having something familiar with you can be a comfort you need even if you feel out of place.

Music calms you, soothes your inner debate more easily and help you focus on a signal tone.

Now, that we are focused, we need to focus on the best attribute of life in the form of traveling and reviving yourself for good. And betterment, of course.

Morocco, Is It?

Well, yes of course. You got to know that this country has some great music. Maybe not your cup of tea but it might be, taste changes all over the time.

Fine Ghadi Biya Khouya – In Depths of Morocco Lineage
Fine Ghadi Biya Khouya – In Depths of Morocco Lineage

Africa is a dazzling continent in its own right. Each part is a different story. Morocco is the topmost story revelation of all the times, and that's the core root for travelers taking a keen interest in it.

Let’s just say it’s a bundle of surprised packed in a small box. That’s what Morocco is like. 

Fine Ghadi Biya Khouya? (Where Are You Taking Me Brother?) … To Timeless Morocco!

You may find it quite a bit confusing we go to summer holidays in Morocco or why to spend a luxury holiday in Morocco either. What do we have there? It’s going to be all hot and sweaty and sticky. There’s no point in visiting the place in Africa…such frivolous thoughts.
As time changes so do everything with it. Adapting new things is second nature to a country to change itself. There are many cities being visited by ex-pats and travelers and people often migrating here too. what attracts them the most here?

What made they decide to come here after all? For each person, reason differentiates. But let's see what actually could be a major turn-on for the traveler.

Fine Ghadi Biya Khouya

Moorish Legacies

The imperial culturism in Morocco depicts some great atonement to the pre-historic times. 

 Each country represents itself with its iconic history, music, culture, norms and such factors. Each factor plays an important role in constructing the goodwill.

For Morocco, its goodwill lies in its Islamic history associated with other religions as well i.e. Christianity and Judaism.

Yes, Muslims dominate the country and Islam is the official religion here but that doesn’t necessarily depict the idea that this country is only for Muslims. It’s a wide contrast from the actual beliefs (a make-belief by others) and it's an open warm country for everyone.

Art and Architecture Style

The Moroccan culture is infused with intricate designs and patterns which are proudly displayed in the geometric patterns of ceilings and alcoves or walls and even the floors, especially in the mosques, towers, mausoleums, and old madrassahs.

In Depths of Morocco Lineage

These patterns represent a life of their own in their swirling textures like Hassan Mosque II in Casablanca or the University of Al Quaraouiyine in Fez. Each structure is remarkable and unique design making it a point of attraction for every tourist even locals revere the historical monuments.

The Moroccans 

You can't ever take out people from the bigger picture. You have to make sure of the fact that you understand the locals. It's you as a third wheeler in their hometown not the other way around and you are the one who has to get accustomed here. But yes, they do help you to feel comfortable here.
Being a contrast of cultures and traditions, you will find Muslims, Christians, Jews, and some other minority populations as well.

Especially the Berbers, the natives of all I would like to believe, are very welcoming of tourists. They even offer stays at their huts and are a very hospitable group of people. If you plan your way to the Sahara near Merzouga is a tribal recollection of Berbers community. Tents and roofs are set up for an open star gazing purpose to make it all dreamier for the tourists.

The Mountains and Hills

The topography is an equal opportunity grasper. Morocco is situated in the north of Africa, giving is the sole advantage of diversifying in form of landforms. You will get to observe plain dry savannah oriented plains and you might see lush green fields and hills the more you travel north.

The northern side of Morocco is a complete opposite of what you will experience in southern Morocco.

This huge contrast amazes the virgin travelers and them almost are too stunted to react to it, it's that beautiful!

Oh, the alpines and cedar forests! The trail along with the evergreen forests and you feel as if you are in Europe all over again. Hill stations look like out of a European novella with their sloppy roofs and modern infused style.

Food and Spices

Food And Spices

One thing easily noticeable is the mouth melting recipes of Moroccan Cuisine.  Tagines, obviously, are the most famous of all traditional meals you will get to taste ever. It could be a simple vegetable tagine (if you are a vegetarian) or you can go with chicken, mutton or even lamb assorted with the vegetables. It’s all cooked slow and the aroma of spices distilling in your senses is just divine. 

Moreover, tourists can taste international cuisines also, if they are not into traditional meals and tastes but you can always try with something basic.
Talking about basics let's talk about the cheap and yet yummy tummy street foods. Ever tried a Moroccan pancake? No? you should now! It's hot and rolled into the goodness of honey and butter or if you want you can get a salty one too with a mix of light spices or you can try a mashed potato patty fried in a pancake style.

Hungry for more? Morocco will make you feel that way on your holidays. Each country deserves a chance worth visiting even for once and you can look for yourself how much you love or hate it. It’s your word of mouth against others.

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