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Mistakes to avoid during relocation

Are you ready to move? Even if you have made lists, finalized your cartons and all well packaged. have you all planned? Here are 10 mistakes to avoid during a move.
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Are you ready to move? Even if you have made lists, finalized your cartons and all well packaged. have you all planned? Here are 10 mistakes to avoid during a move.

things to care whlie relocation
Mistakes to avoid during relocation

Move to the Bad Period

In  The UK, several million people move every year, and 50% of these moves take place during the spring/summer season. Of course, you may think it's easier to move in mid-August when you're on vacation. But you will have more difficulty finding people to give you a hand! So, anticipate and choose the right time to move!

Neglecting Packaging

Quickly done, well done, a little newspaper to pack glasses, vases, and plates seem at first sight sufficient. This is not the case: between the comings and goings where you can jostle your packs, trips and other brakes, you may find things in pieces. Find House Removals Chelsea to avoid more worries.

To Fill Your Cards

You say that having the fewest possible boxes, the move will be easier to manage and will take less time! Error, especially for heavy objects! Avoid putting all your books in a minimum of cartons: limit the weight of your cartons to prevent them from exploding and to prevent accidents. Which weight is optimal? 15 kg, and not more than 20kg.

Disassemble Furniture Without Having References

So, you have lost the installation instructions for your furniture and you think that after disassembling them, it will be easy to assemble them? Tough error, unless it is only to screw the feet of a table. Take pictures and notes during disassembly, so you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

Forgetting to Properly Prepare Moving Household Appliances

Yes, it's important to plan things and plan what to do to manage appliances! Defrost, drain pipes, secure doors and cables. Moving home appliances is an art.

Fail to Prevent Neighbors

You plan to move early on a weekend but you would not want to wake up by someone moving his furniture at dawn over your head? So, tell the neighborhood where you are moving and your future neighbors!

Forgetting to Mark Your Cards

Do you think that it is not worth mentioning the contents of your boxes and that you will see where to put them when you move in? Do not neglect the steps: indicate the content and destination of each box to save time on arrival and especially to unpack in the right order.

Do not Take the Move to Do the Sorting

During all these years in your old home, you have stored a lot of things.No, you do not have to move everything to your new home, especially if you have furniture that is not suitable for your new home or objects that you no longer use. A few weeks before your move, take the time to identify what's right for you. And give or resell what is not needed on specialized sites, it's always saved!

Loading the Truck at Little Happiness

Vehicle loading follows safety and optimization rules. Balance the weight, place the boxes, furniture, mattress in the best way. Do not think that loading as you save time, you may have to start again. Take the time to study what you have to load and compose a plan, as you solve a puzzle. For stress-free moving (packing, unpacking, loading) you should hire a professional House Removals Bromley.

Forget the Survival Carton

Packing everything is one thing but you will be more comfortable if you keep a box or suitcase with some toiletries and clothes for the first few days. Also, think of preparing cardboard with the stewardship essentials.
Good preparations and a good move to you!

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