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What is the best music service? Comparison among Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal

We compare the largest music services on the Internet ('streaming') to see which one best suit your tastes and needs. Despite the recent resurgence of vinyl, the future of music consumption is in streaming.
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We compare the largest music services on the Internet ('streaming') to see which one best suit your tastes and needs.

Despite the recent resurgence of vinyl, the future of music consumption is in streaming.

The streaming music is cheap or in the case of Pandora and Spotify free. In addition, it is more convenient than a physical format in the form of a CD, and the sound quality is good.

What is the best music service
What is the best music service?

Most music services have catalogs of more than 40 million songs, but each of the services has advantages and disadvantages, beyond the number of songs available. This guide details the main music streaming options - Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and Tidal - as well as Google Play Music and Amazon Music Unlimited, to help you decide what your money deserves. We have left out the services that play music in radio format.

Our favorite: Spotify is the best for most

Let's get to the point. While it is a close competition between Spotify and Apple Music, Spotify takes the victory for its fun and easy-to-use interface, an extensive catalog and the best device compatibility. The free Spotify plan had improvements recently, which makes it the best free music streaming option.

Apple Music comes in second place, partly because it is the only one of the four great music streaming services to have a digital locker to store your own songs. And, if you have an Apple HomePod, you will need this service if you want to play music with a voice command.

Third is Tidal, which also deserves your consideration if you are looking for the best audio quality.

Here we tell you what we think of the six main music streaming services in alphabetical order. All these services work on the main platforms: Android, iOS, PC, and Mac.


Spotify is the pioneer in the music streaming space and perhaps the best known. It offers a variety of music discovery services that include the Weekly Discovery playlist; You are also constantly experimenting with new services. Integration with Facebook (which is optional) makes sharing music easier than in rival services. So you can send a song or an album, help create a playlist with your friends, or see what your friends on Facebook are listening to.

  • The free version is impressively robust.
  • It's easy to create your own playlist and synchronize them to listen offline.
  • The apps are easy to use and are updated frequently; They have enough functions without being overwhelming.
  • It allows you to follow artists and be notified when they release new music or announce a new concert.
  • Customizable playlists.
  • Spotify Connect simplifies connecting wireless speakers and AV receivers.

  • Ads in the free version can be annoying.
  • This service is ideal for:  People who want a solid service, especially those who like to create, navigate, and share playlists.

Apple Music

Although it had some problems at the beginning, Apple Music has become one of the most popular music streaming services. It offers many features and a wide range of discounts for families and students. It also has a lot of playlists, many of which have been prepared by musicians. However, the service still lacks the robust sharing options that are integrated into Spotify.

  • Combine your iTunes library with music you have not purchased, which completes what you can play.
  • A mix of music experts and algorithms help you find the music you like based on what you've played.
  • You can control what you hear or search for new songs through Siri on iOS devices.
  • It has a trunk of songs through iTunes Match (US $ 25 per year).
  • It is currently the only option for Apple HomePod users who use voice commands.
  • The bad
  • As expected, the Android app and the experience are not as fluid as in the iOS app.
  • It does not work with older iPods (with the exception of iPod Touch).
This service is ideal for those who want to listen to songs and albums that have been added to their iTunes or that use an Apple HomePod.


Owned by hip-hop star Jay-Z, Tidal is the only music streaming service that offers original audio music streaming with almost identical sound quality - if not better - than a CD. Tidal has offered exclusive content in the past of Beyoncé and his album Lemonade and Kanye West and his album The Life of Pablo. However, sometimes some albums shine by their absence like all Metallica albums.

  • High fidelity music streaming.
  • Lots of video content, including livestream concerts.
  • Sometimes it offers presale tickets.
  • A great focus on little-known artists (mostly from the hip-hop genre).
  • Profiles and reviews on each page.

  • Mobile apps and the player on the Web are not as simple and direct as those of the competition.
  • Your catalog is not as complete as Spotify's.
This service is ideal for purists who like sound quality and discover new artists.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited is the "adult" version of Amazon Prime Music that Prime subscribers get "free." It offers an expanded catalog for an extra monthly fee. The service highlights playlists and radio stations that are grouped around the artists you've already heard.

  • If you are a member of Amazon Prime, it is the cheapest service.
  • The lyrics of the songs appear automatically.
  • It offers free music stations for Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap (which includes ads).

  • Artist profiles do not have biographies.
  • He says he has "tens of millions" of songs, but it's unclear if his catalog is as large as that of his rivals.
  • The service no longer includes a trunk of songs.
  • This service is ideal for Amazon Prime members who want to save a few dollars on a decent music catalog.

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