How to clean oil stains effectively step by step?

How to clean oil stains effectively step by step?

Whatever you do you always end up with an oil stain on it?

Either because you are cooking, eating or because in your work you are surrounded by machinery and various fats that you have to deal with every day, learning how to clean oil stains will be essential if you do not want to always go with Camarones.
Do not be scared of the oil stain, in this article we explain how to finish them quickly.

The oil and its stains how are they?

Oil is a liquid fatty substance insoluble in water and that has less density than this.
To remove a grease stain, keep in mind that oil and water are bad, so we will need soaps or powerful detergents to remove this type of stain.
They are usually difficult to treat stains, but there are always solutions for any stain, it will not stay there forever.
We are not only talking about how to clean oil stains on clothes, also, on surfaces of various types. But let's start with the clothes and how to clean oil stains on them.

How to clean oil stains on clothes?

How to clean oil stains effectively step by step?
Clean Oil Stains on Clothes

It is very common that if we cook without an apron and especially frying food that jumps a lot like chicken, fish or fried eggs, not only does the kitchen end up full of oil, but all our clothes will have the same end.

But how to remove oil stains on clothes? Food that falls on us with oil is usually a difficult spot to treat.

First, it prevents

If you are cooking with oil, cover the floor with some newspapers if you know that a lot of fat is going to jump or wear aprons to cover your clothes and avoid both burns and oil stains. Or if you're sitting at the table, cover your clothes with a napkin.

Talc, bicarbonate, starch or salt powder

How to clean oil stains with these substances? Very easy.
  • First, we must try to absorb the oil with a rag or paper but without rubbing, just by pressing, since otherwise the stain can be extended.
  • Then, we will apply one of these products: talcum powder, bicarbonate, starch or salt. What will happen is that the oil will be transferred to the powders, forming a granulate.
  • The next step will be to use a spoon to remove the leftover.
  • Finally, we add detergent and water and rub.

Dishwashing soap and vinegar for strong stains

If the stain is very strong we can use dishwasher soap.
  • We put some dishwashing soap on the stain.
  • We use a toothbrush to rub the stain.
  • We end up washing with detergent in hot water. You can also add half a glass of vinegar to this water.
  • Finally, we put the garment in the washing machine.


How to clean oil stains with alcohol? Alcohol can also be our ally.
  • We put alcohol on the stain and let it stand.
  • Then, we put detergent and let stand again.
  • Finally, we put it in the washing machine and perform a normal wash.

Stain remover and ammonia

In certain jobs, very difficult and resistant strains are part of everyday life. To remove grease from mechanic's clothes, work clothes or overalls you can try these steps:
  • Add a specific chemical or grease remover together with the detergent.
  • Then, add a glass of ammonia, a glass of liquid lemon and put in the washing machine at 40 degrees temperature.

Tips on how to clean oil stains

Look at these tricks that will be a plus when it comes to removing oil stains on colored clothes or delicate clothes.
  • Use a piece of cardboard or absorbent paper to prevent oil from passing to the other side under clothing and protect it while cleaning the stain.
  • Repeat the cleaning process as many times as necessary to remove grease stains on already washed clothes.
  • If you just got stained and can't wash it immediately, pour talcum powder or baking soda that you can have on hand.
  • It acts fast so that the oil does not impregnate the tissue so quickly.

How to clean oil stains on surfaces?

How to Clean oil stains on surfaces.

We can find different types of surfaces, let's see how to clean oil stains on the floor.
On carpets:
  • First, we dry the excess fat. Use a rag or towel by pressing.
  • Then we put talcum powder, baking soda or something that absorbs the oil.
  • Then we rub with a brush on the stain.
  • We vacuum to absorb the remaining lumps.
  • Finally, the carpet should be rinsed with cold water.
We can also use alcohol on the carpets or a solution of soap and vinegar, in addition to a carpet cleaner that is specifically prepared for use.
On smooth surfaces:
  • As always, we remove the excess fat first.
  • We clean with a sponge and water. Or we can rub with baking soda and water, applying this paste with a sponge or brush and let it sit overnight. Another option is to pour warm water and vinegar and brush hard.
  • Rinse and dry.
  • If the carpet has not been well, you can use a specific degreaser product if necessary.
  • Put detergent in hot water, moisten a cloth and rub the stain with it.
  • Rinse and dry with a cloth or paper towel.

Car oil stains

Car oil Stains

Sometimes cars drop oil and the stain stays on the ground. The stains that can be left in garages or gas stations are very typical. How to remove oil stains?
  • With a newspaper, we will remove the excess oil. If the stain is recent we can throw sand or sawdust and then remove it.
  • Then we pour turpentine and leave it for about ten minutes.
  • Later, with a hard bristle brush, we rub it.
  • With an old towel or paper, we absorb.
  • Finally, we wash with a mixture of detergent, chlorine, and water.

Oil stains on upholstery
  • We use neutral soap and let it act for five minutes.
  • Clean with soap and water, and rub.
Oil stains on the wall:

How to remove grease stains on the wall is another headache that we can face:
  • First clean the wall with warm water and neutral soap, with a soft, slightly damp sponge.
  • Then with a clean cloth, remove the rest of the soap and dry.
  • If you see that it is not removed, pour a tablespoon of ammonia in a liter of water. If the wall is white, instead of soap you can use bleach
We hope that these tips on how to clean oil stains have been very useful in your day today. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer any questions about the best way to do a cleaning.