Keep our homes Hygiene is a more important task than ever –because we spend most of the time day on our home. In the digital world, in Europe more than 75% of people pass their leisure time at home. Keep your own hygienic is a fundamental habit of life, the hygienic body fights against different types of diseases. Keeping fit our body we should take care of our environment, a fresh environment ensures fresh air, especially hygienic home keep health diseases free.
Here we discuss some important tricks on how to keep your house clean and tidy.

Keep your dustbin clean regularly:

Keep your home dust-free clean dust regular basis. Ceilings are breeding areas of spiders so keep ceilings dust free always, use a vacuum every pros and con of home remove dust. Before start vacuum collects large particles and if you have a pet use pet vacuum. After vacuum floor then vacuum sofa, carpet and all kinds of dust absorbing furniture. Afer vacuum floor uses liquid cleaner for the mopping floor to keep hygienic.

Clean your kitchen:

The kitchen is the most uses place of home and gets dirty soon because of the messy cooking process. We should clean the kitchen after cook and keep clean after the meal. Countertop, sink, floor this area should clean every day. Different kinds of spots create every day in our kitchen, use stain removal to remove this stain.

How to keep your house clean and tidy

 Ensure keep bin bag on kitchen and empty bin bag every day. When you order a dish, don’t forget to clean your kitchen that day. If you spend a busy time every day then make your routine for cleaning the kitchen. 

Organize the living room:

Proper organize Living room change guest impression because living room help to express the taste of the homeowner. Organize magazines and newspapers on bookshelf or rack. If living room space small try to utilize every space decoratively.

Living room

Folding furniture is the best choice for a small space, don’t forget to align the sofa and folding furniture after use. Wall painting can be used for enhancing room décor, the indoor plant may use for green touch.

Proper organize bedroom:

Bad room is the heart of the home because we stay our private time in bedroom so don’t make it storeroom. Proper organize bedroom helps you make relaxing sleep, sound sleep makes your life joyful because we know everyone's health is wealth.

Proper organize bed room

Try to keep always dust and allergy-free your bedroom. Clean Pillow and under bed at least once a month. You can keep an indoor plant and floor vases in the bedroom. 

Some important tips

1. Clean your pet regular basis because they spread their hair all over the home.
2. Replace carpet when it’s become dirtier.
3. Clean your indoor plant otherwise they create insects.
4. Open windows every day at a limited time it helps entire fresh air.


All of the people do not like to spend their time out of home. For that person, indoor home décor more important and they should decor home for proper entertainment places spend their leisure time more enjoyable.