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Role of technology in Web Designing

Technology used in web designing is HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Java script, animations and photo shop. In this articles, we will discuss What role play these technologies in web designing.
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Technology used in web designing is HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, animations and photoshop. In these articles, we will discuss What role-play these technologies in web designing.
Role of technology in Web Designing
Role of technology in Web Designing

HTML Role in Web Designing:

HTML is hypertext markup language. The basic and major purpose of HTML is to provide a meaning full representation of the content and establish a structured document on the internet. a document prepared in HTML is said to be the organized layer of a web page. Web designers use HTML coding or tags to command the Web browser application on how to display and arrange the Web page content.The main benefit of this language is that it gives the facility to the user to view various documents on just one Web page. It also gives the opportunity to load pages from different servers in a single frameset.

CSS Role in web Designing:

CSS abbreviates cascading style sheets. It’s main and important advantage is that it provides a source to develop the overall look of the website. as HTML just concerns on the content and structure of a website, CSS focused on designing such as layout, font, and color. The difference between HTML and CSS enables the designers to have a great command on web pages. It also has the ability to display the document on different devices differs in display sizes. It does not depend on HTML we can use it with any type of XML-based markup language.


Bootstrap is one of the major web design frameworks as it provides an easy and fast procedure to design a website. It is supported at major browsers and quickly loading responsive web pages. it consists of CSS and HTML-based design templates for many interface components and purpose is to ease web designing.Web designing is one of the major parts when it moves to advertise your application or website on the internet. It’s working is to make Tables, Buttons, Drop-downs, Forms, and so on that can be fused in website and applications within a single code. The major difference of Bootstrap and CSS is that the Bootstrap is a front-end framework while CSS is a style sheet language.


Java The script is an object scripting language that is used in web designing with other markup language HTML. It is very familiar and is adopted always by every web browser to support dynamic content to get executed on a webpage. JavaScript does not exist or include by any HTML tags or rules.JavaScript can be used in both web designing and web development in Pakistan. JavaScript is still competed by Modern browsers for the best user experiences. Chrome is the most used Internet browser is so successful just because of its ability to process JavaScript very fast.


The web the design environment is regularly changing, but Photoshop is still a classic. Because of its visual nature, versatile set of tools and commands it is used to design a web page. web designers use it to construct UI elements, web graphics, wireframes, and functional mockups. they also convey how to optimize web graphics, create image sprites.The advantage of Photoshop in web designing is to show a website looks like coding.

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