6 Benefits of embedding an Instagram widget on your website

6 Benefits of embedding an Instagram widget on your website

No one can get closer to infinity. But creating their points of infinite would make sense. Social media has crossed the lines to expand the limits for brands and businesses. The digital presence of brands on social media has brought them several advantages.

6 Benefits of embedding an Instagram widget on your website

According to statistics, the popularity of influencer marketing on Instagram is increasing at such a fast pace that the global market is expected to grow from 1.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 to nearly twice the amount by 2020. At the same time, the number of brand-sponsored influencer posts on the social platform is also expected to double, surpassing six billion in 2020.

Instagram and Brands

Instagram and Brands

Brands are raising followers with their premier range of products and are creating influencers out of followers. By taking this step on social media, a brand can give a platform for their customers to be independent brand ambassadors. Taking over the user-generated content to the optimal level of marketing is now easier, and will give magical results for your brand.

Embed an Instagram widget on your website to explore all sides of optimized digital marketing. With experienced social media aggregators like Taggbox in the industry, take the best advantage of Instagram with their embedding widgets.

It offers easy to set-up widgets with no requirements of complicated codes. With impressive layouts and designs, your brand could grab the attention of your customers with their self-created content.

Let’s see what benefits you will reap by embedding Instagram widget on your brand website.

1. A Thrust to Interaction

The visual form of content is highly-interactive and for the same reason, users keep on scrolling their Instagram feed for a long time. Instagram is an addictive social media platform with images and videos to please your eyes in some way. 

By embedding an Instagram widget to your website, you divert the same source of visual communication through your website. The users get indulged in scrolling on the widget on your website to find all that they are looking for and all that your brand needs to show them. 

With embedding tools and social media aggregation, you can collect attractive and related content effortlessly to put them together into a spot. The users can conveniently browse through what they feel interesting, on your website. 

Longer they stay scrolling on the website, more gets the interaction! And with more interaction, it raises engagement, leading to amplified dwell time.

2. Market Expansion

Market Expansion

Unlike physical existence, the digital presence is not limited to places or geographic boundaries. With people’s favorite social media feed embedded on your website, users from around the globe can have access to it. It helps channelize traffic from the app to the website. The widget works as a connector between the website and the app. 

It increases the coverage of the market by allowing worldwide users to know about your brand and its products/services. The widget allows more users to connect with your website, creating more social influence. As the numbers of visitors increase, it would result in more conversions.
3. Brand Image
Brand Image

Embedding Instagram feed widget to the website is all about utilizing the user-generated content. As the brand gets a wider social reach, the users know more about your brand and what your customers are talking about. The cycle of word-of-mouth marketing will take ahead the cycle to bring in more happy customers. 
Happy customers are the key to a stronger brand image. More the people talk about your brand on social media, more would be their trust and reputation for your brand.

4. Eye-Pleasing Essence

As mentioned above, the content on Instagram is visually appealing. The Instagram embedding widget presents all types of unique and vibrant content from social media to our website in real-time. 
The real-time content would give the users a fresh browsing experience with all the updated content on the feed. The bright colors from all those posts add a vibrant look to the website, pleasing the eyes of the users. Along with the textual content, the visual content would make it interesting for the users to scroll on.

5. Shoppability


Technology has taken the utmost modern turn as Instagram launched the shop option from the posts directly. The shoppability factor will now let the users purchase the products in real-time, straight from the feed. 

With this feature and the Instagram feed embedded in your website, you can convert the moment of inspiration into a sale. It also upgrades the discoverability of the products on the website.

The visual content directly from the users with such an option can instantly attract the user and it lets you convert them into a customer. 

6. Customization Options

Customization Options

Social media aggregators provide several designs and customization options for social media embedding tools. Make the widget look attractive on the website with no distortions. Personalize the widgets with impressive backgrounds and attractive layouts to make the best of it.

In case the website gets redesigned or redeveloped, the custom options will let you make the changes to the widget as per the hues and outlays of the improved website.

Leaving Out to You…

Social media aggregators are giving you a mightier chance to optimize your brand with a lot of open opportunities. Just by embedding Instagram feeds to your website, it can give you such impactful profitability. Team up with an expert social media aggregator to know what more they can get to upgrade your digital marketing strategies.