Do You Love Black Paints?


There's no denying the fact that black paints presents a lot of challenges to even the most reliable painting companies in London. It's trendy and daring, but there's always a downside to using dark hue. While they can make a room warm and cost, dark paints can make a place look too small or absorb all the sunlight making a place look darker than usual.

Dark hue is used in the kitchen, but even the most creative of all painters will tell you it isn't easy getting it right on the first try. However, you can't afford to make any mistake when you have guests to impress. Discover five trendy ways of using dark paint in your homes

Always use light colours on the ceiling

Imagine having a room painted dark from the ceiling way down to the ground? Doesn't look nice right? Like a painter, using dark colors could be daring but if not properly pulled off could create a mess. When using dark colours, use light colours on the ceiling as this will make the room a bit taller and creates more depth.

Secondly, keeping the ceiling light always attracts the eyes of visitors making the room look a bit taller. You can guide eyes up using fancy lamps or chandelier to trap more light in the room

Utilise Reflective Surface

There are different range of opportunities for using dark colors in a room. In the kitchen, you can use reflective surfaces to maximize light. In other areas of the room like the bedroom, you can use glossy paints or hang mirrors to trap in more light. A dark room allows you to add a nice touch of colour to the ceiling to make the whole room look taller. This is one trick employed by reliable painting companies in London.
Add more Glow
Style the room with metallic decor, but it should be done sparingly in the kitchen. Add shiny metals like brass, nickel or copper candlestick to add more details to your cushion. Take advantage of metallic ornaments to create more reflection which naturally makes the room glow. Dark-colored walls add more dimension to the decor in your room and create a unique style provided it's perfectly executed by professional painters.
Choose The Right Finish
Using a good finish is just as important as choosing the right color. Dark finishes do not add more light the way a glossy finish does. Using dark finishes leaves a shadowy effect which makes the room unattractive in contrast to glossy finish which adds more blur causing the room to look bigger.

Glossy finish can be applied on the edges of door frames or used to highlight windows. At Paint Works London, we take certain factors into consideration before choosing the right finish. This includes the size, lighting, and decor of the room.

Use Contrasting Colors

Before choosing a colour, take the decor of the house into consideration. Dark paints usually complement contrasting colors. Using light furniture in dark rooms will add more space and at the same time highlight the dark background.

However, we've seen an exception where dark colors are matched with dark furniture. It's a trend presently to blend dark green walls with dark color pieces of furniture. The shade of the wall should be a bit lighter if the color of the furniture or decor is very dark.


Do ensure you hire a  reliable painting company in London that will take the need of the client into consideration before applying paints on the surface. Paint can't be chosen simply because it looks good on the wall of another client. Instead, the decor and size of the house determine if a dark color is appropriate or not.