7 Important Steps To Follow While Participating In Trade Show

7 Important Steps To Follow While Participating In Trade Show

The exhibitions offer a platform for all exhibitors to build a good relationship with the old and new customers of your product and services.

If you are planning to participate in the upcoming London exhibition, then you should design an amazing trade booth just like the bespoke exhibition stands UK. Here, we have listed the important steps that you have to follow if you are planning to participate in a trade show.

7 Important Steps To Follow While Participating In Trade Show

These steps will prevent you from setbacks and let you stand out among your competitors. 

Set Clear Objectives

First of all, you should set your objectives for participating in a trade show. Based on your goals, you should start marketing earlier than a trade show.
Your messages, banners, and exhibit display should be based on your goals. Also, do per-trade show marketing so that your potential customers have a brief idea about your business, products, and services.

Design Your Exhibit Display

7 Important Steps To Follow While Participating In Trade Show


It is important to do everything with proper planning so that you have the best results. The layout of the trade booth is more imperative than its size. There are different types of trade booths such as modular exhibition stand, custom design exhibition stand, banner stand, pop-up display etc.

Out of all, you have to choose one that suits your objective and budgetary contraints. Pick the right colors that represent your brand efficiently. Your exhibition stand should create a positive impression on the trade show attendees.

You can also take the help of professionals to design a perfect trade booth. These professionals are working in this industry for the last many years, therefore, they know what kind of designs are in trend.
Make Your Stand Informative
Your trade booth must convey the right information to the trade show attendees. Write interactive messages on your trade booth walls, provide tip sheets, add information graphics on your booth, etc. An interactive trade booth not just conveys your messages but also triggers the curiosity among trade show visitors.

They would like to learn more about your business and products. You should design exhibition stand that is unique and interactive enough to engage the trade booth audience.
Create More Links
The exhibition does not mean attracting trade show visitors but it also provides an opportunity to create links with other marketers. You should also speak to different exhibitors on the trade show. It is so because sometimes the good leads come from unexpected sources. You can also find the distributors on the trade show floor.

They will also help you to increase your sales and get a good return on investment. Therefore, we recommend creating a good connection with fellow exhibitors, trade associations and media people as well. These connections will help you in spreading brand awareness.
Contact Details of Potential Leads
We recommend you to never hand out promotional items and brochures without asking for return gifts. But, do not consider that all your booth visitors are your leads and therefore do not try too hard. First of all, you should try to find out how much they are interested in your product or services.

After that try to make a good connection with them and finally hand-out business cards and giveaway. In return ask for their email Id, mobile number and their name.

This collected data will help in post-trade show communication. With the help of the contact information collected during trade show, you can do more sales and earn huge profit.

Train Your Sale Staff Members

7 Important Steps To Follow While Participating In Trade Show


You should always train your sales staff members to get good potential leads. The bespoke exhibition stands can grab the attention of people towards your booth but it is the responsibility of staff members to convert these visitors into your potential leads.

Therefore, if you do not want to lose your prospects, then you should train your staff members in advance. Train the members of your sales to answers a few general questions that most trade booth visitors will ask.

Motivate your team members and also announce an award for the best performer. If you are selling a technical product, then you also consider a technical member along with sales staff so that he can describe the technical properties in a better way to the trade booth people.

Determine Your Success

After completion of a trade show, you should measure your ROI. It will help to monitor your success rate. Consider what was your goal and compare it with the return. This difference will let you know the success rate.

Also, find out how many people trying to contact you and how effective you were in spreading your brand awareness. After completion of a trade show, you should contact your potential customers and try to make more sales.