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How can Pillow Style Packaging can help your Brand to Look Attractive?

Pillow boxes are the most beautiful presentation boxes. Be it food, cosmetics, toys or pharma industry, pillow boxes have proven themselves as a staple of all these markets
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Pillow Boxes: 

How can Pillow Style Packaging can help your Brand to Look Attractive?

Pillow boxes are the most beautiful presentation boxes. Be it food, cosmetics, toys or pharma industry, pillow boxes have proven themselves as a staple of all these markets. If you want to add beauty to your products pillow boxes are the perfect packaging option. These boxes look innovative, smart and spacious due to they're puffed up shape like a cigarette boxes. These unique shapes add more charm to the outlook of these boxes. The demand for pillow packaging boxes is increasing day by day. 

Retailers and product manufacturers are well aware of the professional edge pillow boxes give to the product packaging. 

Look at the following brief benefits of pillow boxes:

  • User-friendly design and shape
  • Cost-effective 
  • Minimum raw material usage
  • Greater product protection
  • Safe for environment 
  • Less time consuming 

The fluffed design of pillow packaging offers greater space for the storage of products. The outer side offers a larger surface area for printing and designing. These boxes are flawlessly suitable for almost all kinds of industries. These boxes are easy to assemble and handle. 

Open Material Choice: 

How can Pillow Style Packaging can help your Brand to Look Attractive?

It is always dependent on the customer as to which material should be used for their pillow boxes. Many manufacturers look at their budget and the amount of security they require for their product before choosing the material. Usually, pillow boxes can be crafted with cardboard and Kraft. This is a big plus of pillow boxes as it lets their customers choose their desired material. Pillow boxes made from Kraft and cardboard both have the strength to hold them safely. Their boxes protect the product from internal and external dangers. Kraft and cardboard give amazing results from techniques like embossing, deposing, gold foiling and various other techniques. 

These boxes are Eco-friendly and lightweight which makes their handling and shipment easy. Pillow boxes are produced with less material as compared to old orthodox boxes. This decreases the production cost and helps the business to earn profit by keeping production costs low by cutting down the packaging costs. Pillow boxes are usually flat in production and are very easy to assemble.

Pillow Boxes Serves Variety of Purposes:


Pillow boxes are not only used in the packaging industry but are also considered perfect for gifting purposes. Pillow packaging boxes are famous for festive packaging as well. As these boxes are readily available and can be printed in any design, this makes these boxes great for any occasion like birthday, wedding, etc. Many top chocolate brands use pillow type packaging for their chocolates. The appealing shape of pillow boxes has made it a favorite of cosmetic industries. Pillow boxes are used to store cosmetic items such as mascaras, eye creams, lipsticks and many more. 

Pillow boxes increase the shelf life of cosmetic products by keeping them safe from any danger. Pillow packaging boxes have proved them in the food industry too by keeping the food and medicine safe. Pillow packaging is equally important in the clothing and garment industry. Pillow boxes give an ordinary product a royal look.
Customize as You Desire: 
Pillow packaging boxes are great for the printing of logos and other information as they have wider space for printing. These boxes look professional and can be further enhanced with various printings and finishing techniques. Be it gold foiling, stamping, lamination any other techniques pillow boxes will give ravishing results due to its amazing quality material. Die cuts with display panels will reveal your packed products to grab targeted audience attention. Logo on the box will give your product a branded it. Pillow boxes can be made in any size and design. These boxes are completely customization and give a luxury touch to packed products.
Strong Marketing Tool: 
Personalization and customization add appeal to the product. These boxes can do branding and marketing for your company effortlessly. Over 50% of purchases are driven by the buyer’s emotions. Pillow packaging ignites the desire for customers to buy the products. When these boxes are placed on retail shelves or while shipment they catch every passerby’s attention. The company’s visibility is enhanced and enables customers to make their purchasing decision faster. Brand recognition and recall are the most added benefits of pillow boxes. Retailers love to place uniquely packed items on front rows of their shelves to gain more customers. These unique boxes also make it easier for a retailer to differentiate between different products. Custom designed pillow boxes with logos and window panes build a healthy relationship between customers and brands. These bewitching boxes captivate the customers.


As we have discussed before custom pillow boxes are made of Eco-friendly material. This makes environment-conscious customers happy. A customer feels proud to be part of a brand that is responsible for the environment and takes steps to reduce the carbon footprint.

Let your Brand Shine Like Stars: 

Custom pillow boxes enhance the outlook of your product and help it stand out among competitors. Custom pillow boxes are secret of the success of many big brands. Custom pillow boxes when designed with the help of professional artists and packaging experts, can make a difference for your product. These boxes give life to boring products.




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