How to record audio calls and surround sounds on Android Device Remotely?

How to record audio calls and surround sounds on Android Device Remotely?

In this contemporary world, Android devices are most in using people. Its groundbreaking features attract the people whether kid's or employees. Many risks have also arisen with its increasing usage. Such as children are tired of studies, a teen's involvement in dangers like cyber-crimes or employees wasting their working time in useless activities. 

How to record audio calls and surround sounds on Android Device Remotely?

To reduce this problem, there are plenty of spy apps for Android which advanced features of remotely and secretly record voice calls and surroundings. Which makes it guess who's doing right now and it can stop then.

Best Android Device monitoring apps to record voice calls and surrounding sound 

There are many android devices recording software’s which work smoothly, but TheOneSpy is the best one which smoothly runs with all android versions. Here, we see how it record call and surrounding voices.

Record voice calls with TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy call logs enable the user to track voice calls with numbers and their real-time locations. If you feel a doubt that someone calls repeatedly so a user can get a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly report according to their package. Its spy bug will detect repeated call of the same voice of the same person with different numbers.
  • It gives the full control over the microphone of the targeted device, so the user can also cancel calls hidden.
  • It provides a complete history of all call logs to the user.
  • The user can track the live location of contact numbers who call.
  • It gives a precise date and time stamps of received and dialed calls.
Benefits of Voice Call Recorder 

Let us see the benefits of the voice call recorder. 
v  For kids 
Parents can detect to whom their kids are talking and which kind of language they are using. If they’re something harmful to their children, so they can prevent them. 
v  For individuals
It helps individuals in a case they receive any irrelevant or threatening call so they can detect who else is behind that. 

v  For employers
Employers can listen to their employees’ calls if they have any doubt about the leakage of company secret data.

How does it work?

Its automatic Voice Call recorder uploads all calls to a user’s online dashboard. User can give commands for customized call history data or can record or listen live with a single button. User can make a file of selected calls and can download easily.

Record Surrounding Sounds with TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy has its own 360 listen & voice recorder. Its microphone lets the user record the surrounding voices of the targeted device anytime from anywhere. 
  • The user can get direct access from its cloud account to a targeted device microphone and can listen to the conversation or any sound on a click.
  • It enables the user to record surrounding voices in MP4 format.
  • Its cloud medium provided you with unlimited space for live listening, recording, and history.
  • It gives a user-friendly file player.
  • The download button enables the user to download history or recording of any time-space on a single click.
  • It does not require any root to record the surroundings.

Benefits of the Surrounding Recorder

Let us see the benefits of the surrounding recorder.

For kids
Parents can guess the sounds of children around them where the children are now and who are they talking to?

For individuals

If an individual is in an important meeting and misses someone talks so he/she can listen to everyone's voice later from the recording who was saying what?

For employers

Employers can listen to live and recorded presentation performance of their employees or can listen to the surrounding communication of their faithful employees gathering.
How does it work? 
The user will install the Live 360 surrounding recorder in the targeted device and can start monitoring listening surrounding communications. The user can give command if it requires live surroundings or recording of any specific time or history of a specific week/ month/ year. It also works offline as when the internet gets off it record all surrounding voices and when devices connected to the internet it automatically uploaded all files on cloud user storage. 


It turns out that as a voice call recorder and the surrounding recorder has much importance as people can know the surrounding and connected people to their loved ones. Or if they found something harmful, so they can protect it before it creates a problem. So, if you want to track anyone surrounds and calls, best android spy apps with advanced features will help you fulfill your need.