Natural Weight Loss Tip 5 - Strength Workouts Burn Fat Better Than Cardio

Natural Weight Loss Tip 5 - Strength Workouts Burn Fat Better Than Cardio

The diet is far from being the simplest thanks to the natural reduction. No healthy and lasting weight loss program does not include a healthy diet rich in whole foods: fruits, vegetables, berries, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Any diet or weight loss program that does not consist primarily of these foods is simply a short-term solution to a long-term problem. Exercise can also be a solid tool in your natural weight loss program, but it can be silly to start an exercise program and still eat junk food and processed foods. I see people all the time they calculate, maybe they run half an hour, then that day they eat donuts or cakes and say, "Well, I burned a lot of calories understanding, it's okay to treat myself."

Natural Weight Loss Tip 5 - Strength Workouts Burn Fat Better Than Cardio

This is often a backward thought! The more exercise you do, the healthier you want to eat! Exercise increases the speed of burning glucose for energy in your mitochondria, producing more free radicals and damage to your body. You want to absorb these harmful free radicals and, therefore, the only ones thanks to rolling in the hay are the antioxidants of fresh fruits, vegetables, berries, legumes, nuts and seeds, whole foods. If you exercise a lot and eat junk, you are burning your body and getting older at a much faster rate. It may be reduced in an exercise program and still eat food, but at what cost?

A healthy weight loss program should contain a healthy diet and healthy exercise. So, out of the way, let's mention the exercise to lose weight. What burns calories faster, muscle or fat? The answer: Muscle! Duh! Most people know it. However, they still attend the gym and run an hour and do not do strength training. The key to weight loss exercise for a short period may be some intense cardio combined with a small amount of intense strength training. The keyword here is INTENSE! Most people waste a lot of time in their workouts. They are doing these elegant things with few results. Studies and stories of the best bodybuilders and trainers have shown time and again that low-intensity strength training and high repetition create faster muscle gain.

You would like to build muscle to lose fat. I'd rather you keep your weight but lose 20 pounds of fat and gain 20 pounds of muscle, that's your body getting healthier! In most cases, you will reduce and gain muscle at an equivalent time with a healthy diet, as mentioned above, combined with an intense and low resistance training program. It should only take up to a quarter of an hour each day to try your strength training. The key is to discover until you experience complete muscle failure. This is often when you are doing all your last repetition and cannot physically lift the load again. Keep it at that climax for a minimum of 5 seconds. It will probably hurt. You will be breathless and exhausted. Good! It took a maximum of 2 minutes to deplete that muscle.
The muscle will strengthen during the following days as you let it heal and grow back. In 2 minutes you achieved everything you probably achieved in a training plan for several high repetition series. Your weight loss exercise plan does not take hours and hours and hours... just exercise each major muscle group until exhaustion. It will change between groups every day. It is a very essential muscle workout but remembers one thing that if you want to get outstanding results in a very short time so this review must be helped. So let’s check the training plan.

Example training plan:

Natural Weight Loss Tip 5 - Strength Workouts Burn Fat Better Than Cardio


Day 1: Arm: Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders
Day 2: Legs: calves, thighs, quadriceps, buttocks
Day 3: Abs, back
Day 4: Rest Day
5. Repeat... Remember;
Just calculate the muscle until exhaustion. You can mix cardio exercises for 3 to 5 days each week, depending on your schedule and your goals. Remember, intense cardio is the key, not the length. Get the best out of your training, do everything on your part. If you want to try longer periods of exercise, simply enjoy a pleasant one-hour walk with your dog, friends, family or alone, and believe how good it feels and the blessing you have of owning an unprecedented product. What are you waiting for? Move! Note: you should consult your doctor before starting a replacement exercise or a diet plan (blah, blah, blah). Enjoy!