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What are the Best Wedding Gifts for Indian Couples?

Make newly married couples filled with joy and pleasant moments by gifting something that is worth their attention. Let’s check out those gift ideas.
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The Best Gifts for Wedding Every Couple Desires 

A wedding for anyone is a once-in-a-lifetime affair to celebrate the joyful moments when two people meet forever. It is an occasion when two people say their vows, come together, and expect to spend a long and blissful life with each other.

What are the Best Wedding Gifts for Indian Couples?
What are the best wedding gifts for Indian couples

This way, a wedding gift can add to this newly-wedded bliss and their joyful moments. A perfect gift can complement their wedding but many people don’t think like that. It is also not easier to come up with ideal wedding gifts. It is also true that couples receive hundreds of gifts. It is not easy to choose something that is remembered and that can stand out.

To make things easier, we have come up with some interesting and unique wedding gift ideas which will definitely help you through the wedding season while avoiding stress.

Gift Cards 

A newly married couple has a lot of needs at a time. They want to furnish their homes from scratch, plan a romantic trip with each other, enjoy a romantic dinner, or a movie. So, there is a gift voucher or gift card for everything they might need. You may choose one to help the wedded couple to fulfill their needs –

  • Home Furnishings – You can buy the couple a gift card from Big Bazaar, Lifestyle or any other brand. This kind of card covers a lot of items like electronics, electrical, kitchen and furniture essentials. They will definitely need to redecorate and refurnish their new home.

  • Movie – A couple may definitely want to have a romantic movie experience. This way, a PVR gift card or BookMyShow gift card can definitely work. A couple can easily choose their favorite movie.

  • Honeymoon – A romantic trip is the first thing in every couple’s mind to plan. After all, it’s a great way to come closer and learn more about one another. You can gift them a MakeMyTrip or Clear trip gift card so they can buy the whole package while saving money on tours, hotel bookings, flights, etc.

  • Dining – A romantic dinner, what else a couple wants? One can have great dining experience at several first-class restaurants. You may offer wedding gift cards to their favorite restaurant so they can enjoy their treat.

Photo Album

You can gift a personalized photo album with a photo of a couple on the front cover with their names at the center. Choose a photo album in which you can put the ‘date’ of every picture so a couple can recall the dates. Even women forget the important dates but every couple wants them to remember. 

Customized Perfumes 

Perfumes are also considered as gifts for weddings. To make it stand out, choose a scent that matches the personality of a couple. Some brands are known to offer custom fragrances on the basis of a person's favorite ingredients. So, one can get a perfume which is just made for them. Perfumers discuss the taste of clients and come up with something unique for everyone. You can also get the bottle with their names engraved on it. 

Travel Accessories 
From eye masks and luggage tags to laptop bags and suitcases, you can choose from a complete range of travel accessories for a couple. You can also choose an international travel charger, travel mug, or anything they may need for a foreign trip. You can also customize their gifts with their names or make a set for him or her to take it to another level.
Well, it is something most couples don’t expect while getting common gifts like dinner sets, glass sets, and so on. A china cabinet or dining room armoire is not something you may want to spend for unless you are very close to a couple or don’t know the interior of their dining room, kitchen, or living room. But a gift card to a furniture store can help them choose a specific type of storage. It would be a great gesture if you know that they are thinking to stock up on glassware and china. 

Picture Frame 

Along with a newly wedded couple and a wedding hangover, tons of photos are something that comes out of a wedding. Most couples spend a lot on wedding photography and album. So, gifting something to display the most stunning pictures of them on the big day cannot let you go wrong. You can engrave the frame with something like the wedding date to add a personal touch and take a step ahead.

The Takeaway!

We hope you’ve liked the above list of the best wedding gifts for couples and make them surprised by your sweet gesture.







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