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The Best Programs for Creating Presentations Online

If you need to create a slide show, but you do not have PowerPoint installed on your computer, do not panic. On the Internet, you have many services at your disposal that allows you to design yours simply.
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If you need to create a slide show, but you do not have PowerPoint installed on your computer, do not panic. On the Internet, you have many services at your disposal that allows you to design yours simply. In this post, the best alternatives are compiled for you.

The Best Programs for Creating Presentations Online

PowerPoint presentations have been used for years to present all kinds of information in meetings: proposals, ideas, projects, reports. At present, this type of document is still the most used by professionals, students, teachers and who apply for their exhibitions. However, today it is no longer necessary to have the Microsoft Office suite installed to be able to do that, but you have the possibility of using other tools.

If you do not have a compatible program installed on your computer, on the Internet, you will find tools to create free and easy-to-use online presentations. Thanks to them, you can design your documents comfortably and simply, without installing any application on your computer and accessible from any terminal connected to the Network.

Do not worry if you do not know any of these services, because in this list we have compiled for you the best pages to create online slide shows that are available right now.

These programs offer you impressive templates and editors to create more original and eye-catching presentations, with which you will surely get the attention of the audience. Among them are Prezi, DesignCap and SlideBean, so if you don't know them, try to give them a chance and unleash your creativity. Then let's started to check them out.

Office Online

If you have a Microsoft account, you can use for free. While there are some limitations, you can create PowerPoint presentations online without any problem and in much the same operation you would use in the desktop application.

All you should do is enter the Office website and enter your Microsoft credentials to access the free office suite of the Redmond company. You will see that you have a storage limit or that you cannot edit the presentations that you have not created in the online version, but in broad strokes, you can create your documents without a problem.

To do this, after accessing PowerPoint Online, click on the option to create a presentation from scratch or choose one of the available templates. Then you will enter the work desk, which looks very similar to the desktop application, so if you are familiar with PowerPoint, you will find it very easy to use.

Google slides

Google Sildes


If you want to create online slideshows in the traditional style, another of the free services you have available is Google slides. To use any of the online applications of the Google office suite, you only need an account with the company.

You can start the design of your document from scratch or use a template. The service puts a gallery of templates at your disposal, so choosing the one you like best and adjusting to your needs is sewing and singing.

Then, enter your contents by replacing those that appear by default, and use the available tools to remove the elements that do not interest you and add those that you consider convenient. You can customize everything: background, content, transitions, etc. Its use is quite similar to PowerPoint, so if you know the program, it will not be challenging to create your slides.




Prezi is one of the web services to create more veteran and popular online presentations. It stands out for the excellent results it offers since it allows you to create presentations with a professional look in a relatively simple way.

With Prezi, you can create original presentations that are not typical of PowerPoint, in which the space of the slide limits you. Here you can make better use of the work desk, for example, to show a general scenario and zoom in on the different points to consider. Thanks to these functions, the information is more attractive and striking for viewers.

For making your presentation easier, the service offers you different templates that you can filter by category (sales and business, marketing, HR, education, etc.) or by color. Once you have chosen the template, you can edit all the elements present, delete the ones you don't want to use and add others, such as text, images, tables or graphics.
Another website to create presentations online is DesignCap. To start your design, register, log in with your credentials and select the template.

Once at the canvas editing, you can create your presentation from scratch or use one of the templates that the service makes available to you.

After you have chosen your template, all you have to do is replace the sample contents with yours. You can remove the items that do not interest you, and you also have the option of adding yours, either uploading them from your computer or using the resources that DesignCap offers you (free or paid).

When you finish, you can access the presentation view, download the files in PDF, JPG, PNG.
SlideBean is another web service to create online presentations that you also have to take into account. After registering on the portal, you can start a design from scratch or use a template, which is organized by categories (business, marketing, sales, academics, startups, etc.). Some are free and others are premium, and if you want to use the latter, you will need to subscribe.

This service stands out for its ease of use. You can switch between the Content and Design tabs, depending on what you want to edit at any time.

However, the problem with SlideBean is that it does not allow you to share the presentation or save the file if you do not have a subscription.

Final thought

Well, after showing you all these five online tools, is it an easy task for you to make your presentations. All these programs are ready to start your job.







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