Why it is Important to Choose and See a Private GP in London

Why it is Important to Choose and See a Private GP in London

Are you fed up of calling your local surgery only to hear that there are no appointments available for the next two to three weeks? If answered yes, then this is not at all a big surprise as the new figures show 11 regions are already identified as ‘high risk’ due to gp shortages as nearly 20 per cent of doctors in these specific areas are reaching their retirement age. So, what will it mean for gp services?  Doctors are now providing appointments in large cities like London for the ones who can afford to choose a Walk in Clinic in London, accordingly. 

Why it is Important to Choose and See a Private GP in London

Is It the Ultimate End for Family Doctors?

The bad news is this profession is no more attracting new doctors though it needs to replace the ones who will retire soon. This is in part for the increasing workloads of gp with nearly 50 percent of student doctors saying they will go abroad to search for suitable jobs and putting more surgeries under closure. 

Why is It Not Possible to Visit the Same Doctor Again?

Do you find it difficult to build trust as you never get to see the same doctor for the next time you fix your appointment? According to a poll, only 4 per cent of people can see their doctor every time they schedule their appointment and 72 per cent of people do not even bother to enquire for their own doctor. This is due to the waiting time at the clinic and increasing number of people seeing the same doctor. Thus, choosing your private gp gives you the ability to conduct HIV test in London and know if you have been infected in anyway.

Are You Provided With the Same Treatments You Require?

According to a study conducted on the family doctors, nearly 35 percent of gps who responded to the survey published by gp magazine said that they need to ‘fob off’ patients, than referring them for treatment that are generally considered to be either ‘low clinical value’ or non-urgent’ due to their higher costs. Some treatments that patients are not getting include – IVF, hernia operation, varicose vein removal, knee and hip replacements.
How Can Private Doctors Spend More Time With the Patients?
When you need to visit an NHS gp, you will feel you are rushed in and out for certain cases in less than 10 minutes. However, when you go to a private doctor, you can discover your problem at first in the initial half-hour timing and then carry on with necessary treatment for your case.
Why Should You Opt for Same Day Appointment Facility With a Doctor?
When it is related to your health condition, getting a same day appointment with a trusted doctor is extremely important. There are certain situations when it is an emergency to see a doctor and with same day appointment facility, you can see a doctor and get treated on time. This will avoid further complications for your overall well-being.
Unlike primary care providers, it is the duty of your gp to look ahead for further treatments depending on the needs of patients. Clinics should be able to provide a fully integrated service where you can be referred in-house for your convenience.

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