How to Wish Congratulations to Someone Special

How to Wish Congratulations to Someone Special

You are in your office, and someone close and special to you informed you about the great news that he or she got promoted along with an excellent raise in the salary. You want to raise a toast for him or her for the significant milestone they have achieved and want to make them feel special. There are a couple of ways through which you can toast your special someone and tell them that you are appreciative of their achievements without actually telling them; as it is rightly said Action speaks louder than words

Wish Congratulations to Someone Special
Wish Congratulations to Someone Special

Congratulate Through Delicious Cakes

What better way to say Congratulations than cutting a cake? You can wait for your special someone to come home and surprise them with a beautiful cake to cut. If you are the one who doesn't have patience and want to wish them immediately, then you can order cake online and arrange the cake outlet to send the cake to the address where your loved one would be available. This gesture will create a beautiful element of surprise, and they would genuinely appreciate the gesture. Cake2homes have an excellent variety of congratulations cakes to choose from Choco-almond to red velvet cake, from vanilla fruit cake to overloaded fruit cake. They have cake for everyone you can choose the cake which your special someone likes and order it for them to congratulate.

Congratulate through Beautiful Flowers

Another way to congratulate your special someone is through giving them beautiful flowers. Flowers are also one thing that is loved by everyone. You can provide them with the ever-loving and radiant roses, or you can gift them their favorite flowers. The flowers wrapped beautifully in the form of a bouquet will surely feel the love you want to shower on them. Cake2homes also has flower delivery services, and you can order congratulations flowers through their website and choose from the excellent collection of flowers that they can send to your special someone. They have the all-time favorite flower roses, the beautiful looking lilies, cakes2homes have stunning orchids, and if you are confused what to give, then you can opt for mixed flowers with a beautiful message attached to the flowers.

Congratulate using combinations of gifts

If you think that giving only cake and only flowers are not enough, then you can opt for the combination of both flowers and cake and give it to your special someone. This gesture would surely make their heart melt. Cake2homes have understood this requirement and have made it possible for their customers the different combination of congratulations gifts to your someone special. You can give chocolate cake with a bouquet of red roses or a pineapple cake with mixed flowers. If you do not want to give the cake, the flowers can be combined with chocolates or teddy. Cake2homes also provide a combination of giving teddy bear, chocolate cake and flowers as a part of congratulation package to your someone special.
Congratulate giving a Customized Cake to you Special Someone
Just envision the smile on the face of your someone special when they will receive t heir customized congratulations cake at their doorsteps. You will get the brownie points in being so considerate that you took time to decide on the customization you want on the cake for making your loved one feel special and appreciated. Cake2homes has got options of personalisation that customers can avail from photo cakes to designer cakes. They make customization in the form of different shapes as well as in whichever flavor you want in. Giving a customized cake in the form of congratulations is a very thoughtful way to do it as you are giving you time and thoughts in making the cake special for your someone special.

Cake2homes is an excellent outlet to give congratulations messages through cakes and flower or by giving both. Customers will be spoil with the choices they have on their website. Right from the classic chocolate cake to customized cake, cake2homes have cake for everyone’s liking.