The Best Franchise Software Systems for 2020

The Best Franchise Software Systems for 2020

Franchise management software renders business proprietors with a smooth overview of the business to ease out for quicker decision-making process, and optimizing the profits and run the franchisees smoothly. The franchise software systems collaborate and interact between business owners and franchisees. 

Franchise Software Systems

This aids to enhance the awareness level and manage all the aspects of the business from marketing and sales to branding, and CRM. Besides, it also offers the stock and retail outlet performance, providing accurate live financial data for synchronizing the reporting procedure. Moreover, you can also add it up with a robust performance management system to further control and satisfy the business objectives and KPIs.

Best Franchise Management Software in 2020

There are scores of franchise management software available in the market to choose and introduce to streamline the business process.


Brandwide offers easy-to-operate franchise software systems for inducting more franchisees into the franchise business. The attributes of this software solution are specifically designed to assist a franchise’s total life sequence. Thus, this starts with the stage of development passing to recruitment and to managing the franchise and its entire outlet chains. This unique software automates the process by enhanced customization, thereby saving precious time. Additionally, the flexible SaaS software aids in integrating the lead generating process, and managing the advertisement for both the franchisors and franchisees.
Prime Features
  • Generation of qualified leads through advertising and pinpointing actively-targeted audience base
  • Implementing effectual CRM for overall franchise development
  • Franchise recruitment process made easier and transparent

Tree Ams Franchise Management System


This is a specially designed franchise software systems, offering the franchisors for controlling the business from all aspects. Collectively using the capacity of multiple business administration tools, the franchisor can easily monitor and control all kinds of benchmarks with just some clicks on a comprehensive platform. He can also customize the control panels for a smooth way to relevant information needed for the growth of the franchise business. It is suitable for any type of business. 

Prime Features

  • Sales presentation, SOP manager, franchisee recruitment tool, reporting and monitoring tool, yardsticks and KPI abilities, training and assessing tool.



The franchise software systems help the franchise business to smoothly enhance the brand, control additional branches, saving more time. This software handles all the aspects right from sales, to billing, and payroll functions for the franchisees. 

Prime Features 

  • The regional team and franchisor workforce can now collectively work and identify to develop the most renowned clients.
  • This software application makes it convenient to generate, automate, and monitor advertising campaigns, monitoring the sales in the franchisees.
  • Any gaps and issues in the timeline can be swiftly altered after all the selected aspects have been charted.
  • Compute and create the invoices automatically for every franchise retail outlets.



It is the innovative franchise software system to manage the entire franchise lifecycle. Besides, to save the franchisors time, and money, the software solution has been given inputs on learning and automation integrated in a better way than a CRM.

Prime features

  • Minimize the documentation process and automatically submit all the application form online. 
  • Provide franchisees to generate regional marketing and business plans based on templates from this innovative software directly.
  • Monitor new places and renting procedures online, giving the information to the franchise.
  • All-inclusive CRM for effective management of the franchisor’s complete life cycle.
  • Authorize the franchisees to create customized PDF invoices for the end-consumers.
Franchise 360
This franchise management software caters to all companies with websites offering franchisees with an accurate and dependable platform for growth. The franchise software systems include the essential tools and functionalities for the successful growth of the franchise involving CRM, financial aspects, networking, and recruitment. 

Prime Features

  • The system has customer-friendly CRM enabling the franchisor to track the sales activities of the franchisees. 
  • The franchisor and his franchisees can interact within a secured forum. 
  • This software renders an easy to approach and flexible data import CSV/Excel tool for the franchisors and franchisees.
  • The extended version of the software solution offers features like free email and calling support, and premium hosting service.

Developing a franchise business is not very easy, but at the same time it turns out to be much easier when the appropriate software is being implemented to control and enhance the franchise business. Thus, some of the best franchise management software is highlighted above to facilitate in selecting the perfect option for optimizing the business.