What is the Best Dab Pen Be like?

What is the Best Dab Pen Be like?

You’ll perhaps be surprised to realize that dab pens are not a new invention. While weed is gaining popularity in recent decades, and more U.S. states legalizing weed, several marijuana products are now available in the market, including edibles, THC, CBD oil, and dab weed.

Dab pen
Dab pen

What is a dab pen?

A dab pen is avaporizer pen primarily designed to vape cannabis concentrates. A regular dab pen comes with atomizers, coils for heating the components, and mouthpiece for which you draw in to get the vapor. Well, dab pens come in all shapes and sizes, which contributes to its popularity.

Dab pens are meant for vaporizing cannabis concentrates and are regularly used by heavy recreational users and medical marijuana users. The wax pen is ideal if you fancy vaping on the go because it is discrete and highly portable.

Dab pens are considered the best portable vaporizers out there. With a dab pen, you can ingest many forms of concentrates, including butter, oil, wax, or shutter.

Dab pens have become a common way of vaping and particularly with cannabis concentrates. A couple of people have had the chance to enjoy all the exploits that the dab pens have to provide. They are a great tool to have and use, especially if you’re the kind of person who likes taking your fun with you wherever you go.

What are dabs made out of?

While dabs are smaller THC concentrates, the cannabis compounds can make you high in no time. The cannabis compounds can be extracted using solvents like carbon dioxide and butane, which results in a sticky oil substance.

Dab weed usually is extracted out of butane, which yields BHO or butane hash oil. During the extraction process, the butane is used to produce cannabinoids, terpenes, and other necessary elements. The butane is then drawn out through evaporation which leaves resinous, sticky oil.

Factors to consider while choosing the best dab pen

With the number of various options of dab pens in the market, it can be overwhelming for beginners to choose the best dab pen. Here is a list of factors to consider to make a perfect choice.


A  good rule of thumb is to go for a portable and light-weight dab pen. The device should be comfortable to carry around.

Battery life

The battery life of your portable dab pen will determine how long you’ll use it. Depending on how much you’ll be using it, it essential to be able to let you enjoy a couple of sessions. Take a look at vape-pen-bundle,which will offer you the best battery life.

Charging options

While most dab pens can be recharged via USB, over the past decades manufacturers, have been creative to provide a variety of options to charge your dab pen, including adapters for your car and plugs that can be used to charge on the wall outlet. Remember, the more options the better because you’re less likely to run out of charge thus more hits.

 Vapor quality

The best dab pen should be able to provide the vapor clouds you’re looking for. Therefore you should consider the watts and coil material.


A flexible dab pen with a variety of options to switch is perfect. You should be able to customize your vaping sessions. At times you’ll need more flavor, and other times you’ll want more vape clouds.


When it comes to materials, you need to check them keenly, particularly the plate. The best dab pen has a ceramic plate which is very efficient in heating. It’s essential to consider the whole product not only the appealing part of it but also should stand the test of time.


Not all dab pens will come with accessories. However, accessories can make a huge difference when it comes to vaping experience. For example, you fancy fresh and smooth vapor; having a water vapor pen that has a water pipe glass attachment will boost the experience. Depending on the vaping experience you need, considering dab pens with accessories is vital.


A good dab pen is one that is backed by a solid warranty. The warranty is proof that the company trusts its products and can deliver quality as promised. For example, budder-cutter is one of the Dr.dabbers products which offers a one year warranty.
Benefits of Dab Pens 
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Smoke-free. Vaping has no combustion hence no smoke.
  • Less Smell. You don’t have to worry about smell since there is no smoke.
  • Micro-dosing. With a dab pen, you can micro-dose concentrates which require a little amount of ingestion.
  • Durability. Dab pens last long since they contain 80 to 90 percent of THC concentrates, which is more potent and efficient.
  • Affordable. Dab pens save you money because they are budget-friendly.

A good rule of thumb to choose the best dab pen is to research and have knowledge of what suits your preference. It is essential to consider the features you’d love your dab pen to have. Well, from there you can quickly go for the one that meets your demands.