Yummy Treats in Ontario: Spontaneous Dinner Date Restaurants

Yummy Treats in Ontario: Spontaneous Dinner Date Restaurants

Planning a dinner date for bae?

Dinner dates are best when planned (or a surprise for the partner) and when you get to ride in the best airport limo in Toronto for the night, right? Toronto is a wonderful city to dine wine and relax. But if you want to explore some more options for the best eatery in places around Toronto, there's a list of best restaurants to choose from.

Yummy Treats in Ontario
Yummy Treats in Ontario

Bring all the items on the menu!

Among many places to discover, food items need to be on the top of the list, especially if you want to spend quality time with someone you deeply care about. Ontario is a hub for outclass places for dining and takeaways, if you want to explore more besides the traditional time in Toronto, then you can have a great time in;

Drake Devonshire Inn, Wellington

How does a stylish no sequential place sound to you? I say make a run for it before tables get booked. What people love about Drake Hotel is its accessibility for the locals and outsiders alike. The atmospheric ambiance of a farm-and-lake-to-table-menu is what seasonal food is all about in here.

A perfect set up to pitch for a romance time calls in shape of grilled fish, best salads with flavorful dressing or any of the contemporary food. The lakeside view itself does the talking for you (if you are nervous) and you will feel the ambiance setting a lighter conversational tone to match with your menu and more than a perfect partner.

Sidedoor Contemporary Kitchen and Bar, Ottawa

A sleeky restaurant with the mainstream menu of tacos, dim sum with seasoned veggies as a side dish can be a cool way to plan a dinner date. In the hopes of impressing your bae, the zeal of food is what you need to nourish the appetite. Girls love to eat, so how about a crispy Cornish hen with General Tsao along with the herb slaw?
Or you can order a lobster, with seasoned vegetables and a dessert to end the three-course meal. The place is an uproar for the innovative dishes and recipes and something that your pocket can afford even.
Eigensinn Farm, Singhampton

A farmy meal anyone? A countryside look might be the choice of the day for you at Eigensinn Farm, but you need to plan this as the place is heavily booked and you better should not keep your bae waiting outside of the airport limo you booked o make the night special. 
As spring is on the horizon, you can even plan a date for the maple syrup and wild leek festival!  The culinary experience of back to back Canadian celebrity chef Michael Stadtlander is something you need at once in a lifetime.

Atelier, Ottawa

Yes, the capital seems to have the best of everything. This place is quite popular for the innovative plates and all of them all the best you can ever taste.

Starting with a 12-course meal, you can taste almost everything on the menu and fill up your bellies. One thing that differentiates it from the rest of the dining areas is the altering menus at regular intervals.
This Canadian place serves the delicious course of food items that are the next level of gastronomy.

Liked the menu?

Decided a place yet? If not then why not plan a date turn by turn and you can have a visit to each place to find out which one of these you like the most? Ontario serves the best food reservoirs (yes, even besides Toronto) and the neighborhoods are filled with cool choices to choose from.