Five best content marketing strategies to increase customer retention

Five best content marketing strategies to increase customer retention

According to a research study by Harvard Business School, which compared the impacts of customer retention and profit on businesses. It was concluded in the report that only 5% of Customer retention is a corollary to 70% growth in profits. The act of retaining customers can be done in various ways, including Marketing. 

content marketing strategies
content marketing strategies 

According to Peter Drucker, the great, there are two goals of Marketing, first to create customers, and second is to retain them. For digital products and services such as Nursing Assignment Help, the second goal is vital. Marketers often only focus on getting more and more customers and do not try to retain old customers. Content marketing is different from an average piece of advertising which creates to intersect the content that anyone is consuming with a particular brand’s message. 

Marketers and consumers both prefer content marketing. Content marketing is not an optimum way to generate leads after losing your clients when they have bought something. If there are no purchases, there is no use of generating more and more traffic and leads. The principles of content marketing can be and should be used to execute contemporary customer retention strategies. This blog will share the five best content strategies to increase customer retention.


Documentation is the most recognizable kind of content that provide solutions to problems or provide answers to the questions. Usually, businesses scuffle to generate effective documentation that is a solution for customers’ problems. Documentation 

encompasses Chatbots that scale the business, frequently asked questions; customer supports and Troubleshooting guides. 

These are the contents to make sure that the customer is in touch with the business after they have made a purchase and customer support representatives will make sure that the customer does not stop using your product out of frustration or incapability to get started. 

Businesses should invest in making the contents that help answers to the questions solve a problem, so the customers don't need to contact customer support. 

The documents need to be broken down in a way that right contents are easily available to the customers additionally documents should be understandable to everyone, so it reduces the possibility of the frustrated customer calling the customer support service. 

Documentation is an initial and crucial foundation for all necessary customer retention strategies.

Blog for customers 

Blog posts are generally used to lure in new customers by introducing them to the brand, generating traffic, and generated leads through a call to action (CTAs), pop-ups, and other methods. 

Most of these blogs are not useful for the existing customers that have an idea about existing product line and services. Considering that there is a need to create a different blog that is for existing customers. 

Customers always like customized content; an estimated 80% of the people appreciate learning about a company via customized content. This blog with customized content will give the existing customers a sense of importance. 

As visitors on this blog will be existing customers, and the businesses know that the customer has already confirmed buy-in by previous purchases, now the businesses can ask for more with a call to action. This also has a positive effect on customers as they feel especial by this exclusivity; they believe they are more important to the business than any new person who has yet to purchase anything from the customer.

Specific Approach 

Marketers are very creative and sophisticated when it comes to email content. The blunder is when marketers are successful in generating the lead into a customer; no changes are made to the email subscription. Customers continue to get the same email content which he/she received as a new lead. 

Which manifests to the customers that they even after making the purchase aren’t any royal from anyone else on the list, even from the person who just explored your website and left his email. 

Considering that the requirement is to set a specific email for products and services that target only the existing customers on different parameters. This is a time-consuming task, but it's an effective retentive.

Value-oriented approach

There should be a customized piece of contents to empower the existing customers these contents should not speak to everyone but only with the existing customers based on their needs, their activities, their customer journey, their interests, their opinions, information about their demography, and various other factors. 

This will add value to your business by manifesting that you care about the customers, and you want them to be happy, and they are the end of your business. The seminars on the internet can also do this, referred to as Webinars. Investing in an ultra-specific seminar on the internet that only to a specific category of customers. 

These customers can be helped to be more proficient with the current products and services of the business. Creating such customized and specific webinars will require sagacity as the special focus will make sure those consumers find the seminar very valuable. 

The focus should not be to summons a large crowd of people for these webinars but only specified customers these webinars can also be used to provide exclusive deals and offers to specific, handpicked customers who will be optimum fit for such offers.

Enhance value in the distribution 

Whitepapers and eBooks can work as a powerful retention tool. Normally the content marketers distribute lead magnets such as five pages e-books. These are leaflets note-books; this makes customers feel odd. Creating improved versions of famous lead magnets that have more content and gifted to the best customers periodically. 

These gifts are a manifestation that the customers matter a lot for the business. This also induces the leads that there is more potential of value along with paid versions, considering that the product and services have extra values as well.

Specific resource centres

Create Customer-exclusive resource centres, these are the hallmarks of modern content marketing, but these should be exclusive like a specific resource centre just for the customers. Creating such specific contents that are only in the reach of old customers and the non-customers are completely unable to access, show the old customers that the business is dedicated not only to the sale but also in their success. The existence of resource centres show that the business wants them to understand the product features and increase their understanding of its power, this will make sure that the new customers do not vanish due to the learning curves issues.

With the strategies mentioned above, one will be able to note that customization is the key when one wants to retain the old customers. Ingenious marketers realize that the value of retaining the customers around instead of getting a more and more new customer is more profitable.  So they put their efforts into creating existing customer-oriented content. There are various ways to deliver that content to the audiences which are subject to the choice of businesses.  The biggest gap in most marketing strategies is that the strategy does not exist.