Analyzing your competitors is a very important activity both to identify the best strategies and characteristics that will allow you to distinguish yourself from them and to learn from their experiences and to draw valuable data and information for you. Observing is the best way to grow and improve!

5 Indispensable Tools
5 Indispensable Tools

But what does it mean to analyze competitors? It means understanding who they are, what they do, how they move on digital channels, what feedback they receive, which of their strategies are successful and which are not.

Specifically, an effective analysis of competitors allows you to:
  • Understand who they are, what their identity is, and what their image, what the mission and core values​are;
  • Identify the digital channels they monitor;
  • Identify their followers and also their haters;
  • Understand how they interact with these people;
  • Understand how they grow and with what timing;
  • Analyze the type of content published and the frequency with which they manage Social Media;
  • Identify their strengths and weaknesses.

How to do a competition analysis

But how can we analyze competitors online and therefore also on Social Media? You certainly need the right tools.

Here are the 4 essential tools!


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BuzzSumo is very useful for analyzing competitors on Social Media. In particular, it allows you to analyze the content marketing strategies of your competitors.
What content works? Which perform best? Which have registered a failure? What does followers involve? What does it convert? This analysis will allow you to obtain a lot of precious data to understand what is your best and most effective Content Marketing strategy?


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One of the most complete and valuable tools for conducting a detailed and in-depth analysis of the competition is SEOZoom.

The platform allows you to do a myriad of actions: you can analyze the keywords of your sector, the traffic of a website, the backlinks received and you can compare two domains.

You can also conduct a well-detailed audit of the website and you can perform an accurate search on the activities of your competitors, comparing their results with yours in real time.

Web Site Grader

Web Site Grader
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Even Web Site Grader, the HubSpot tool, allows to conduct an in-depth real-time analysis of your website and that of your competitors.
Web Site Grader analyzes many valuable aspects of a website, giving you a quality score to take into consideration to guide your strategic choices.

Among the elements analyzed by Web Site Grader: the SEO optimization of the website, the performances, the loading times , the responsive, the guaranteed safety level, the quality of the activities carried out on the blog and on the Social Networks.
FanPage Karma
FanPage Karma is a tool that allows you to analyze your profiles and those of your competitors. In addition, you can manage all your customers' conversations in one place and you can also compose, plan and publish your posts on social networks.

What can you do with FanPage Karma?

You can analyze your social pages and those of competitors, you can check the most important data and compare them with each other and you can always consult a complete overview of the behavior of the competition, also receiving ad hoc notifications.

Tool to analyze the competition: conclusions

Analyzing the competition is a precious and essential activity for every brand that wants to be successful and maximize its investments. The audit of competitors, in fact, allows you to understand how to distinguish yourself and to obtain valuable information to set up your strategy.

As we have seen, to analyze the competition you need the support of the right tools. This is my list of most useful tools for analyzing your competitors.

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