How To Make Sure That Your Kids Are Safe During School Trips

How To Make Sure That Your Kids Are Safe During School Trips

One of the main problems the human population has been facing is the drastic increase in the crime rate. Among them, child abduction, harassment, bullying, and an increase in teen suicidal rates are the most alarming one. Every day there is news of some child abduction cases or some obsessed stalker story rotating on the internet. 

Make Sure That Your Kids Are Safe During School Trips
Make Sure That Your Kids Are Safe During School Trips

This kind of news made the parents more paranoid. As a parent, everyone wants the best for their child and ensure their safety as well. So if in these circumstances your teen wants to go on a college trip or plan any other kind outing with friends what should be your strategy as a parent. Of course, as a responsible parent, you want 100% security of your child so sending them alone is a risky move. 

But at the same time as a cool parent, you want to give freedom and free space to them. So then what can be the smart and wise choice for you. Well, we can give you a simple choice which will give you the option to keep an eye on every activity of your child even he is on the trip. You will know all about his company, what kind of discussion are they having, where are the exact location and this kind of information and many more. With kids monitoring app, you can keep an eye on the teen’s whereabouts.

There are many kinds of monitoring app available in the market. Each one has got there own pros and cons. But here we want to discuss one of the best spy software The OgyMogy.

For example, let us suppose your kid is planning to go on a school trip, all important aspects that you need to monitor can be smartly covered by OgyMogy.

First And Foremost Know Where Are They Going?

OgyMogy allows the user to track the location of the target person on google map with the help of Track location history feature. With that, you can simply track your child's live location at any given time. You can mark safe and restricted zones as well virtually on the map. Thus you will get notified through GPS tracking on google map.

Know All About The Friends And Classmates:

You can know all about the classmates or friends who are joining the trip by tracking their calls and SMS. OgyMogy allows the user to keep knowledge of all the incoming and outgoing calls. You can also listen to call recording to know all about the plans. OgyMogy also recover the SMS even after deletion so we have got your back. 

You can also track their plans through Social Media apps as well by using different spy app version made solely to spy on social media activities. Like FaceBook spy app, Instagram spy app, spy on Snapchat, etc. Teen these days have the urge to update every life event in social media so you can track there each activity while they are on the trip through the OgyMogy spy apps. 

Listen To Their Surrounding Sounds:

You can track and monitor your child's company when he is on the trip by listening to his surrounding voice, OgyMogy has the  Live surrounding listening feature which uses the mic of the target person cell phone to listen to all the surrounding voices. You can hear all the chats and conversations and can judge the exact location by listening to the mic. OgyMogy has this efficient feature thus without letting your teen know you will know all of their interest and hobbies.
Check The Photos And Gallery Folder:
Teens try to capture every moment in their phones in the form of photos and videos. With the OgyMogy cell phone monitoring app you will have complete remote access to all the photos captured or downloaded in the teen phone. You can simply clone the android phone and upload all the private data to make a backup online.

OgyMogy has the windows and mac system that allows the user to access the target person activities through his tablet pc or laptop. Or you can monitor them through his smartphone by using OgyMogy android spy version. All you need to do is follow the simple step and install the app on your phone