The Reality Of Menopause That Can Occur In Men

The Reality Of Menopause That Can Occur In Men

We have summarized the characteristics of male menopause, its tests, and treatments, measures that you can take yourself.

The Reality Of Menopause That Can Occur In Men

These symptoms may be menopause.

When you hear about menopause, many people think it only happens to women, but it also happens to men. When menopause develops in the prime of work, it not only affects daily life but also damages the self-esteem of a man.

Therefore, this time, we have summarized the characteristics of male menopause, its examination methods and treatment methods, measures to take yourself, and how your family is involved. Menopause is a problem not only for the individual but also for the couple.

What is menopause in men?

Male menopause is a condition in which various symptoms appear due to decreased male hormones with age. It is also called “syndrome." The cause is a decrease in male hormones, but other stresses such as relationships and work pressure are also involved.

It is the testes that make androgens. Androgens have roles such as increasing libido, increasing muscle strength, and maintaining vitality. Naturally, androgens decrease with age. There is data that the decrease is noticeable from around 35 years old, and the hormone level reduces by 25% on average in 60 years old compared to 40 years old.

As you can see from the graph below, male hormones decrease more slowly than female hormones.

Women's menopause has a definite time of onset due to the rapid decrease in female hormones. In the case of men, the timing of symptoms is ambiguous, and it is challenging to notice menopause.

What are the symptoms of male menopause?

There are three main symptoms of male menopause.

Psychological symptoms: depression, irritation, anxiety, tiredness, etc.

Physical symptoms: sweating, burning, sleep disorders, low concentration, etc.

Physical function-related symptoms: decreased libido, ED, etc.

In this way, except for "physical function-related symptoms," symptoms similar to those of women with menopause appear. As its characteristic, it is said that it is easy to develop diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Testosterone, a male hormone, has the effect of promoting glucose metabolism and lipid metabolism, and it is said that one of the causes is that when this is reduced, the product does not work well. 

Depression may also be suspected because of depression-like symptoms and increased anxiety. It was male menopause, and male menopause affects the whole body.

What is the guideline for going to the hospital for menopause, and what kind of department is it?

Menopause can be confusing because each person has different symptoms and a few classic symptoms. If you feel "unusual" or "hard," we recommend that you visit the hospital once with suspicion of male menopause.

The consultation department is the urology department. Recently, some hospitals have specialized outpatient clinics for male menopause, so please search for an easily accessible hospital.

What are the tests and treatments for male menopause?

We have summarized the tests and treatments for male menopause.


Male menopause has no definitive symptoms. At the hospital, general tests such as blood tests and electrocardiograms are first performed to check for possible diseases other than male menopause. In addition, the following tests will be committed to diagnosing male menopause.

Check the level of free testosterone with a blood test.

Testosterone is one of the male hormones. The value of the blood test is an index for deciding the treatment method.

Check the hardness and size of the prostate.

The treatments for the prostate disease are limited.


Androgen replacement therapy is mainly used, but the method depends on the results and symptoms of blood tests. Androgen replacement therapy is given to people over the age of 40 who have signs of male menopause.

However, if you have severe liver / renal dysfunction, prostate cancer, etc., androgen replacement therapy cannot be used. Especially in prostate cancer, caution is required because there are reports that latent cancer that has not surfaced has become clinical cancer.

Measures that can be taken by one that does not worsen menopause

Vilitra 40 and Cenforce 150 can be treated to improve life, but there are some things you can do on your own. Let's start with what we can do and spend every day living.

Lifestyles that prevent the decline of male hormones

In order not to exacerbate male menopause, it is essential to moderate the decrease in male hormones. To do so, enough sleep, a well-balanced diet, do not let regular exercise is necessary. These are not only necessary to prevent male menopause but also to prevent other illnesses. Look back on your lifestyle and gradually correct any areas that you think there is room for improvement.

Some of you may not have the habit of exercising regularly, or you may not know how much exercise you should do.

For people in their 50s, 60 minutes of physical activity that is stronger than walking is recommended every day, and 60 minutes of exercise that makes you breathe and sweat is a guideline. We are also suggesting that you extend your time by 10 minutes from your current physical activity. If you don't have time to exercise, try increasing your walking time by as much as 10 minutes.

Do not accumulate stress.

Androgens are characterized by being efficiently secreted when the parasympathetic nerve is dominant. In other words, it is essential to have time to relax without accumulating stress.

It may be challenging to have a certain amount of time if you spend a lot of time every day, but taking a deep breath during work breaks or taking a slow bath also gives the parasympathetic nerve an advantage. It's okay to have a short time in the day, so take some time to work for yourself.

The important thing is to be careful to maintain your self-esteem as a man. The words "decrease in androgens" and "menopause" are associated with old age and can hurt some people. Gently tell them that you are more likely to get sick with age and recommend going to the hospital.

In addition, it is only a family member who can cooperate to lead a regular life and take care to relieve stress. Make a well-balanced meal; enjoy your hobbies together, etc.


Depression and low concentration are symptoms that are easily overlooked as male menopause at first glance.

Menopause is not embarrassing and can happen to anyone of age. In particular, are associated with dignity as a man, but by starting to accept them, you can improve your life in the future.

Take it positively, improve your quality of life, and live a better life.