Why Are Marriage Detectives in High demand?

Why Are Marriage Detectives in High demand?

Weddings are always a huge occasion in India. Families leave no stone unturned in making the marriage of their loved ones a special event. So, naturally, they spend a whole lot of money, invite hundreds of guests and try their best to make it a spectacle in the true sense. With so many emotions -- and finances also—invested in a wedding, it’s quite natural for a family to hope for the good future of their progeny. This very carefulness is the reason why a lot of parents turn to detective services in Mumbai to check up on a prospective groom or bride before the big occasion.      

Why Are Marriage Detectives in High demand?
 Marriage Detectives

There are other reasons as well behind the need to hire private detectives for pre matrimonial investigation, including;

High risks associated with marriages fixed on the internet

More marriages these days are getting fixed on the internet which is why more cases of fraud are happening. In earlier days, or just a decade or two back, families mostly relied on the network of uncle and aunts to find suitable girls and boys and so the element of risks was low. All the details about the boy or girl were completely known and that too, some common relatives were always there who exchanged information from one side to the other. All this ensured minimum to no fraud at all.

On the other hand, the scenario is completely different these days as anybody could create a false profile on matrimonial sites with the hope of net a big fish. Cases are galore where boys inflate their profile with false claims of job, location, and even family status. In some cases, even photos are morphed to look good and create a solid impression. For that reason, it’s always helpful to play safe and let private detectives dig deep and take out all the details that matter for a good marriage.

Need for a complete background check

If more parents are turning to private detectives for pre-matrimonial checks, it shows that all is not right with the online marriage market and how great care is needed to stop being duped. Plus, having private detectives can also help in cases where some relatives are acting as middlemen as then families often feel hesitant in asking for more details about the groom or bride.

Private detectives have a solid network and use sophisticated gadgets and tools to do their job. For marriage investigation, families can hire them for a complete background check on the prospect, including from finding job details to financial asset check to their relationship status to bad habits and so on. Sleuths can bring so much detailed information about the prospective bride or groom that the family can easily understand what should be the next round of steps for them.

Accurate information and peace of mind

Being parents to a boy or girl of marriage age is never easy and it comes with the responsibility to constantly search for the right match for them. Money is not a concern to you and the only thing that worries is how to find someone who is good for your son or daughter in every aspect of the way. Even when you have plenty of information about the prospective bride or groom, the heart still says, ‘Go for some more.’ This constant tug at heart is the pain of most parents who look for a match for their son and daughter.

Hiring a private detective agency in Mumbai is the only answer to such apprehensions as you can always rely on them to get you virtually any information you want. Let alone the groom or bride, these professionals can even go a step further and do background checks on relatives as well, if needed. Since they don’t cost a fortune and bring really helpful information, there should be no harm in availing of their services. After all, it’s the information that you rely on in fixing the marriage for your loved one, and money should never come in the way.


When it comes to marriage it’s always advisable to be on the safe side. And thanks to the emergence of pre-matrimonial investigation services you don’t have to bother too much in knowing whether someone is the right match for your son or daughter.