The ZUGU Alpha Case: A Must-Have Accessory For Your iPad Pro

The ZUGU Alpha Case: A Must-Have Accessory For Your iPad Pro


Accessory for your ipad Pro
Accessory for your ipad Pro

Owning an Apple iPad Pro is an amazing experience, but handling and protecting it is a big deal too. An iPad is a very unique and useful gadget, but a little expensive to buy. When it comes to its protection; you should get the best protective case. Usually, Apple devices are sophisticated and a little fragile in nature; hence they can get damaged if you are not careful.


Using a protective case would be great for your Apple iPad Pro, to keep it protected and make it drop safe. There are a variety of protective iPad cases available in the market, but selecting the right one would be a task of ingenuity. This task can sometimes be confounding at times; since all protective cases usually look similar.

About Zugu Alpha Case

But when it comes to The Zugu Alpha case, then no other case can stand a chance. It may make you ignore other protective cases. The Alpha case from Zugu comes with an array of features. The intricate design used in it will attract you towards it. You can completely rely on it and be less stressed about protecting your iPad Pro.

Accessory For Your iPad Pro
Accessory For Your iPad Pro


The Alpha case offers a perfect fit for the iPad Pro 11 inch and the 12.9-inch model. Compared to other cases; it doesn’t make your iPad bulky. The Alpha case is very thin, compact and comfortable to use. You will not face any difficulty while using it; since it comes with a magnetic stand and can take any position in any angle as required.


According to our research, it is found that Zugu has done a variety of tests on its Alpha case and claims that if your iPad pro has this case on it; then it can easily survive up to a 5 feet drop. One of the key aspects of it is its special design; which is unlike other protective cases available in the market. The innovative design and features of the Alpha case are inspired by the future.


Don't buy bulky protection for your iPad Pro; go for the stylish and sophisticated Zugu Alpha case. It can also hold an Apple Pencil efficiently and also allows it to sync and charge. The button used in it is very tactile friendly; which lets people enjoy a lot while using it. In it, you will get a standard folio-style setup that comes with a rubber bumper around the outside edges and faux leather exterior. The Zugu case also offers a fold-out stand on the backside; which allows the user to hold the iPad Pro in different stand angles.

The fold-out stand that you get with it is useful to watch movies in 30 degrees on your desk and also works well while typing. The standing angle is stronger compared to other protective cases with the combination of the feet fitting into the ridges along with a magnet at the bottom. The 10 magnetically secured angles offer you a wide variety of viewing angles to watch your favourite movie and season or do work on your iPad Pro comfortably.


If you are looking for a cheap protective case for your iPad Pro; then this is not for you. But if you keep the protection of your iPad Pro as the top priority; then Zugu is the choice to make.


Don’t be fooled by its slim embellishment; it is a strong, durable and long-lasting case which comes in 5 colours to add glamour to your precious iPad Pro. The colours are purple, navy blue, black, executive brown and red. It effortlessly supports wireless charging facilities and doesn't let you worry about plugging your charger into your device’s body.


The ZUGU Alpha Case is known to be one of the best protective cases for the iPad Pro. It comes with some useful and cool features that combine practicality with elegance. The adjustable kickstand that you get with it; makes it easier to hold the tablet with the help of one hand. You can now enjoy hand-free Netflix movies and entertainment shows with the help of its magnetic kickstand and fridge mount.


Zugu created the Alpha case to be ergonomic, extremely versatile for users to use and also offer a high level of protection at the same time. The case is created using cruelty-free synthetic leather that comes with a microfiber lining, which keeps your iPad pro protected from scuffs and scratches.


Zugu has created it after doing years of research and study. You can find that their hard work reflects in the unrivalled leadership that the Alpha case has maintained for long. If you don't get it for your iPad Pro; then you may repent sometime later. The Zugu Alpha case is an unhindered champion; when it comes to protection.


You can find the ZUGU Alpha Case in your local market or stores offering online shopping in India. It has become an imperative companion for the Apple iPad Pro and offers good protection against unfortunate bumps or drops.