FlexClip Review 2021 - How Awesome is This Free Video Editor

FlexClip Review 2021 - How Awesome is This Free Video Editor

FlexClip Review 2021

I used to imagine video editing is a difficult task. But after researching for video-maker reviews, I found FlexClip – a video maker software that declares to make it much effortless. But first, let’s take a look at the details in the FlexClip review!

FlexClip Review 2021 - How Awesome is This Free Video Editor

What is FlexClip?

Flexclip is an online video editor that's suitable for users who are newbie in the video editing. 

This video editor software / Tool lets you create breathtaking videos in a flash. with numbers of video template'smotion presetsand an extensive stock footage library, FlexClip video editor is all about trouble-free creativity. 

You don't have to be a expert to make slideshow's, video essays, invitations, vlogs, ads or promotions videos. With FlexClip's features, you're good to go.

To top it all, its a absolutely free video editing tool. But for this FlexClip review, I choose to Sign up for a Business Plan to check all its additional features. 

FlexClip Features

FlexClip provides you the clutch to create, edit, convert, or compress video in an speedy. Here's what the tool can do;

Video Editing Tools

The video editing tool has various element for specific editing intentions.

FlexClip Video Maker

if you look in the video maker on the website, you're find a uncomplicated dashboard where you can create a video from scratch or through templates. The workflow is called a Storyboard, Which uses linear video editing.

You can import files from your PC, hard drive or memory card. on the other hand, you can find content in FlexClip impressive media library.

The FlexClip video editing process is a rapid and effortless. You can insert post-production elements like text, shapes, transition and other special effects with simple drag-and-drop and one-click controls. Basic video manipulation is a blow since you can adjust the speed , lighting and orientation very handily. it's slow-motion and flashforward controls are extremely majestic.

Once finished, hit FlexClip export and download your rendered video within minutes.

FlexClip Video Trimmer

Using FlexClip, you can trim exact parts of your video by simply dragging your cursor. The tool grant you to get productive by applying a jump cut, axial cut, cutaway, match out, smash cut, parallel cut or cross-cut. 

FlexClip Video Merger

Merging videos has never been smooth. you can upload all your videos or images at once, put them in a sequence, and relax!

FlexClip Video Converter

Converting a video isn't just about changing the video format. When break how to resize video on FlexClip or convert its resolution, FlexClip video enhancer is the solution. it grant you to select from custom sizes suitable for smartphones, tablets, computer screens, and you're able to customize them too. Cool!

Although a bit restricted, FlexClip features file suitable for editing, converting or compressing videos. you can upload and export various video and image file formatsincluding MP4, MOV, WAW, M4V, WEBM, JPEG, and PNG.

Royalty-Free Library
Moreover with many other FlexClip reviews, I love the rich content library. if you need footage for your project , not to worry. FlexClip contains numbers of absolutely free videos, photos and music you can add to your storyboard. They are all royalty-free, which grants you to use them for marketing and advertising video production without dread of copyrights.

Screen and Voice Recorder

The FlexClip Screen Recorder Tool is splendid for exhibit new tool or creating instructional videos. As the name suggests, it records your screen activity and absorb it as video content into your storyboard.

Other FlexClip video maker reviews were error-free: it works as an editor and recorder synchronously allowing you to speak while filming or add voice overs.


Motion Graphics

If you want to add some taste into your videos by using special effects, FlexClip's got you shield.

Unlike non-linear editing systems, FlexClip lets you add video choreography in one click. FlexClip's motion effect presets and controls make it achievable to add moving texts, shapes and icons. The built-in transition effects are splendid for slideshows and presentations. 

Ease of Use

This tool makes video editing much easier, even for those who are newbie in video editing. I can certify that, being a user with zero experience.

The overall navigation is slick, intuitive and modern. I didn't go through long locating the tools and controls, which were effortless to get habitual to. While the pre-created templates afford me the manual labor, I still set-up the "video from scratch" option inviting. 

Hunting for video is simple, as the content library is grouped into categories.

The FlexClip reviews were right : its an editor that takes only few minutes to pro.

FlexClip Templates

What makes the tool so handy 🤔 Two words : FlexClip templates. The video editor let's you pick out from pre-created video sequences with instant videos and photos, text compositions, transitions, effects and more.

The templates are split up into individual categories. 

Personal Video

Birthdays, wedding, baby showers, house parties.... These life occasions can't go undocumented.

If you're looking for a place to collect your pictures and video clips to one unforgettable video, FlexClip is the way to go. You can also use it for creating video invitations and save-the-dates. 

FlexClip templates also assist travelogues, as it's a dazzling photo slideshow tool.

Business Video

You can use this video creator tool to produce professional-looking business idea pitches or video resumes.

FlexClip's business templates are fill with relevant stock videos and transitions that are effortlessly editable.

Social Media Video

FlexClip's social media templates are fit for popular social networks like facebook, instagram and youtube. Each group accommodate ready-made videos with optimal size and settings to relevant the feed of a specific social media app.

if you're a vlogger who has yet to enter the empire of Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, FlexClip perform as a good YouTube clip creator. The YouTube templates carry music, transitions and pop-up icons that most YouTubers utillze. You can upload your video directly to YouTube with FlexClip's file-sharing options for web streaming. 


FlexClip's How-To and Tutorial templates are exemplar for creating educational contents. All you have to do is add your footage and change the template settings if needed. These storyboards are made with digital on-screen graphics to strengthen your video with text, images and icons.

FlexClip Free Vs. Paid

This FlexClip review not be finish without a differentiation between the free and paid version.

As with all video editors, you unbolt more features with a subscription.

Before, I start the comparison the two, let's undertake some of their parallelism. Both free and paid versions of FlexClip have :

  • The same range of video templates.
  • The same tools and special effects controls 
  • Cloud-based editing 
  • Downloadable windows desktop app for offline editing.

Both the versions meet the excellence of a functional video editor. But there are some restriction in the free version, which the paid version reimburse for: 

Video Output Quality

if you're using a free version, FlexClip can only export 480p SD videos. The paid version supports high-definition video, granting you to download up to 1080p full-HD videos. 

Project Count

The free FlexClip video editor can only hold 12 projects. The paid versions let you do more, with the biggest plan providing up to 1000 projects

Stock Video Availability 

FlexClip is one of the few online editing programs with tons of stock videos, photos, and music stored within its system. Every FlexClip review agrees that this is one of it's best features.

Anyhow, the free version restrict you to utilize only one stock video per project. Meanwhile, the sky-scraping subscription plan offers you unlimited stock video per project.

Video Length

Unlike other professional editing tools, the free FlexClip editor has a video duration cap for videos for up to one minute. At most you can utilize it for producting ads, teasers or invites.

if you in-need more, the paid subscription let's you make videos for up to 30 minutes. it's the best choose of you're into short flim editing or vlogging.


If you came to this part of review, you likely know that FlexClip video maker and editor can be used for free. But its also provides three paid versions. Here is the plan that you can consider

FlexClip Pricing

differentiate to other video editors, the pricing FlexClip has is a bit high, but the annual plans are a much cheaper option. They offer half the price of the plans.

Is FlexClip video editor good?

Just like other software, it has its pro and cons.

Let’s start with the cons. For an editing expert, FlexClip might be too simple. It lacks the depth of professional video editing programs like Adobe Premiere or After Effects. It’s also not suitable for full-length films or documentaries since it has a video duration limit.

But for rookie editors and freelancers, FlexClip is an excellent option.

If you’re on the searching for a basic editing programs, this is a much better choice against free video editors like Windows Movie Maker. You get more tools to work with, easy templates, and a giant supply of royalty-free content.

That being said, let me show you how I created this FlexClip review.

All in all, FlexClip is a powerful video editing software that provide good results. After reading FlexClip reviews and trying it myself, it’s safe to say that FlexClip is a flexible and smart video creator.

Why don’t you give it a try?