Running your online business means using SEO if you want to get somewhere with it in any realistic time frame. All big companies use SEO to market themselves worldwide to their target audience. It is an integral part of both digital marketing and good business management in the 21st century. Optimization is not just for big business; small companies can benefit greatly from what it has to offer. Here's how you use SEO to grow your start-up fast.

Use SEO to Grow Your Start-Up Fast

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of using specific rules to showcase your business on Google. It enables you to drive more customers to your website because they are able to notify you in the search results. Whether this is because you are on the front page, because the description for your website stands out or because you show up on Google Maps as the best in the area. All of these things are gained through the company staff implementing SEO rather than organic customer searches.

Learn SEO

Learning SEO is not difficult. Yes, it is broad and never-ending. However, this does not mean that you can’t learn and utilize the basics quickly. Go onto an SEO-based marketing site and take part in one of their courses. You should not have to pay for a beginner's course, most of these are free. Yoast and Semrush are two great sites for this kind of learning. Participate in the course with an open, ready mind and see what you pick up. Using SEO is the best way to learn it. Practice makes perfect.


Once you have learned a little about SEO you can start using it to boost your online presence. Take what you have learned in your course and use it on your website, on your socials, and in the content you post. If you don't fully understand it, don’t worry, you will be within the 99% of SEO users. It grows and changes so quickly as Google and other search engines change what they are specifically looking for so fast.

Try and use one technique that you have learned and see if it makes a difference. You can use Google Analytics to check, or the analytic software that is embedded into social network sites and websites. You can also get plug-ins on WordPress that do this for you, or external websites and software that examine your metrics.

One simple way to optimize your business is to feature keywords on your business card. These keywords should be linked with the keywords that are on your website. It may be your business name and a list of a couple of products you sell. Or your business name followed by the name of the city you are near. If the customer sees these words on the business card, they are likely to search them. You want your business to come up when these keywords are typed into Google, so focus links and articles around these specific keywords in order to properly link the two.

Hire Help

If you find SEO a struggle, you can always hire an SEO manager for your business. These people will go over your business and make a plan on how to optimize it best. It will help you if you have a preliminary understanding of SEO so that you can check that you are getting the service that you paid for.

Once you have become proficient in SEO or hired a capable SEO manager, you can analyze your business metrics on a daily or weekly basis and make sure that the optimization is working for your business. A brilliant way to do this is to get some external people to check and see where they find your business and how visible it is on a private tab.