The 10 Top Social Media Tools Brands are Using to Succeed

The 10 Top Social Media Tools Brands are Using to Succeed


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Social media is the most popular marketing tool for brands on the internet. It is one of the best ways to improve productivity and grow your business organically. Social media tools can save energy and time to focus on doing what you do best. In case you are still doubtful about what are social media tools, allow me to get a little technical. Social media tools allow users to create and share content with the world quickly. It includes many websites and apps, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.  

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These tools provide handy shortcuts that simplify the content creation and publishing process. It is not only helping brands to build an online presence and experience but also helping them to attract new customers. The impact of social media tools is at an unrivaled level. Even for brands, most of their sales are made through social media tools. Whether it be Starbucks in India or Amazing Escapes Atlanta in Norcross, GA, United States, social media tools significantly increase brand awareness. Some top 10 social media Tools that I would recommend to help with your business or brands are –

Brand watch (Formerly Falcon.io)

This helps establish your social media presence to reach the target audience. It can act as an advertising tool, benchmarking, customer data management, tracking tool, etc., which makes it easy to manage all the social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. 


Social media is all about visuals, so you need to have a vibrant social media account to attract more customers to your business profile. In that case, Lightroom can be a lifesaver to your business as it helps in creating beautiful photos even when you don't have much editing experience. It is very much user-friendly and lets you edit and organize photos. 


It is easy–to–use and free graphic design platform that offers a variety of templates to create professional designs and can improve your social media presence. It can help you to create stunning visuals and allows its users to create high-quality graphics for their brands.

It is a multi-purpose social media tool to draft and schedule content or post for sharing across various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It has an easy user interface and more organized layouts. It has a feature, Buffer Reply, which helps brands or businesses to manage and monitor communication that happens on social media. If you are starting a brand at a trim level, then the Buffer tool is the best option. 

Buzz Sumo

It is a platform that allows users to find out what content is popular or analyze which type of content is already working in their field of work or which topics are gaining the most attention. So instead of searching this across multiple websites, Buzz sumo has everything in one place. It saves time and helps you avoid things that aren't working for your business. This tool can help you and your company to identify what content is best received by your audience.


It is that one website that gives a worldwide copyright license to download and use photos from it without permission. This platform has more than 1.3 billion photos and has one of the largest communities of photographers on the internet. Photographers make them publicly available for everyone for free in whatever way you like without fear of breaching copyright laws. To get better engagement with the audience, adding a photo to your post can increase the chances of getting more reach. And choosing the right image with the right colors that associate with your brand is always a plus point. 


This tool helps you aggregate information or content that compiles news and updates of your sector. It is one of the popular RSS readers on the web, as many people still use RSS to stay informed online. It helps you be more productive, and you get the content organized by categories, allowing you to go straight to the point without wasting any time. It is a huge time saver. 
Native Analytics
Each social media platform has its own built analytic tools which give insights into your brand's performance. It gives you an idea of your content's performance regarding reach and engagement with the audience. It helps to identify new opportunities, improve customer experience, and deliver relevant content.  


It is mainly used for managing and planning social media strategies in a simplified manner. It offers 14 – a day free trial. It is an all-in-one social media tool. You can even schedule Instagram reels and post directly through Sendible. Also, it increases your reach for your brand on platforms like Twitter by engaging in public conversation. 


Now, with Loomly, you can manage and schedule social media platforms seamlessly. It supports Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc. It has an easy-to-use interface and is suitable for small brands or businesses to sleek their social media operations.

Social media tools have proven to be one of the best ways to promote small and big brands or businesses on the internet. It provides more resources related to your brand that an internet user may be searching for, and thus they discover your website and, ultimately, your product. Social media is now on high priority for marketers. Social media tools are designed to make them the perfect solution for brands looking to maximize their reach on social media.

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