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What Happens inside a washing machine while cleaning

best washing machine in India, so in this article we will be talking about what happens to your dirty clothes inside a washing machine and how does it becomes so clean.
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inside a washing machine while cleaning
Inside a Washing Machine While Cleaning

All of us know that once we put our dirty clothes inside the washing machine, it gets cleaned. But have you ever noticed what happens to your dirty clothes when you put it inside the washing machine and close the door?
Nobody tries to know what really happens inside your best washing machine in India, so in this article, we will be talking about what happens to your dirty clothes inside a washing machine and how does it become so clean?
Previously, we used to see that every washing machine tub is filled with water and it used to move clothes in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. But, today everything is changing. Even the smaller washing machine now comes with laundry clean system which used to consume less water and makes clothes shine like new always. Therefore, the approach has changed too.
So, once you select your washing type and presses enter, here’s what happens to your dirty clothes:

The slow spinning of the tub

Once you put clothes in any automatic washing machine, it starts spinning at a slow speed. It happens because at this time it determines the load of the clothes that is kept inside. It may also take a few spinning of the tub to determine the load.

The flow of water inside the tub

The moment your washing machine realizes the load; it starts releasing a suitable amount of water inside the tub.

Mixing of detergent

Now every washing machine comes with a water dispenser tub. So, water pours into the tub and mixes the detergent into the water tub. But you can also put detergent directly into the tub if you need to control the amount of detergent to put for the number of clothes that you have put inside.

Pausing of machine

Machines pause for a little amount of time to mix detergent into the tub. It’s because the molecules of detergent are attracted to the oils as well as water on the other side. So, the molecules of a detergent attract the dirt on one side and since it is attracted by water too, so it takes out dirt and mixes with water, making your clothes clean.
The tub moves in two and fro motion and upward and downward the motion which forces the dirt present in your clothes to come out of your clothes.

Draining of water

In this cycle, the dirty water is taken out of the clothes and drained outside the machine from the outlet pipe.

Filling of freshwater

This is the rinse cycle, where freshwater comes into your machine tub and rinse your clothes. We often use cold water to rinse but some of the machine do offer warm water which makes it easy to handle clothes when we take it out from the machine.
Dirt and water rinse out. However, you can find several washers which over a few more cycles to rinse each and every drop of water and detergent out from your clothes.

Drying of clothes

Now, the drying part starts and the machine starts spinning at an rpm of 800 to 1600. The more speed does your tub rpm is the less time it takes to dry your clothes.

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