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5 Reasons Why Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Are Better for Your Body

Massage chairs are an amazing thanks to wind down and luxuriate in a massage within the comfort of your house.
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Massage chairs are an amazing thanks to wind down and luxuriate in a massage within the comfort of your house. Nowadays, high quality massage chairs keep company with a variety of advanced options like S track and L track rollers, foot rollers, auto-programs, airbags, multiple massage techniques, and nil gravity positioning. The zero gravity positioning is one in all the foremost standard massage chair options, however what will “zero gravity positioning” really mean and why is it an extremely sought-after out feature?

5 Reasons Why Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Are Better for Your Body
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What is Zero Gravity Positioning?

The Zero Gravity position is impressed by National Aeronautics and Space Administration because it imitates the position of astronauts once they start space. The zero G position utilized by National Aeronautics and Space Administration was fastidiously designed by engineers to distribute weight equally across the body. Throughout ascent, astronauts’ bodies are place through large stress and pressure as they leave the Earth’s atmosphere. Sitting during a reclined position helps their bodies endure the pressure of zero gravity and minimize pain.

How will Zero Gravity Recline Work?

So however will zero gravity all translate into a full body massage chair? Once zero gravity mode is chosen, the massage chair eases the user into a reclined position wherever your thighs are relative to your back to maximize comfort and minimize pressure. There are generally 2 stages of zero gravity. The second stage brings the user additional back putting the legs higher than the center level. This facilitates to additional increase blood flow which might help the center and body.

What are the advantages of Zero Gravity Positioning?

Every feature and performance engineered into a full body massage chair is meant to bring optimum comfort and relief to the person sitting within the chair. Zero gravity positioning, particularly, offers variety of advantages that are smart for the body such as:

1. Zero Gravity positioning reduces back pain
we place pressure and stress on our spines all day. The Zero Gravity position takes the load off the user’s spine and should cut back pain within the lower back space.

2. Zero Gravity additionally will increase circulation
while sitting in zero gravity, the user’s feet are level with the center, increasing blood flow throughout the body. This could facilitate the center, muscles, and arteries. Enlarged blood flow not solely helps United States of America feel healthier, we have a tendency to additionally look healthier as enlarged blood circulation helps skin.

3. Zero Gravity may cut back swelling
As blood flows throughout the body, zero gravity helps to cut back swelling.

4. Zero Gravity will facilitate respiratory
have hassle respiratory once lying down? Lying flat on a surface could build breathing for difficult; zero gravity position props the body up and helps open airways. Zero gravity position could facilitate those who suffer from respiratory illness or apnea.

5. Zero Gravity maximizes comfort and relaxation
All the advantages listed higher than ease the body into optimum relaxation and luxury.
Where am i able to purchase a Massage Chair with Zero Gravity Recline?

Titan Chair offers a spread of high quality massage chairs with a pair of stage Zero Gravity. The OS-Pro Maxim, OS-4000CS, and OS-4000LS are a number of the foremost standard and best marketing zero gravity massage chairs that Titan Chair has got to provide. These massage chairs every keep company with AN array of further options like heat massage, foot massage, Bluetooth association, LED chrome, and more.

There are an array of chairs on the market with several advanced massage options that may facilitate bring relief within the comfort of your house. Would like facilitate deciding that massage chair to speculate in? You’ll use our Massage Chair shopping for Guide and our massage chair comparison guide to seek out the proper massage chair for you.




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