Jaaxy Tool Review

Jaaxy Tool Review

Jaaxy Tool Review - Worth or Not?

jaaxy keyword tool review

keywords Researching is one of the most important things. That without researching keywords you cannot plan further for your business, blog or content.

To need to know user intent through keywords that will always remain the first priority. You cannot simply write content for your website with the terms that you know of you familiar with that.

You need to create to plan for that and then go ahead by obtaining insights into how users/ people’s searches in your terms they are using.

All keep in mind when you choose the keywords relevant to the content


As you can see the jaaxy interface looks like this


As you saw in the SS (Screen Shot) I Type keyword home improvement it shows different keyword but it provides only 11 free searches and another side you find a related tag which shows related to your keywords. I you want full keywords links you have purchased this tool and upgrade.


This field shows you the monthly average search volume that this keyword the show “home improvement”, It is estimated, and the actual results might vary from what you get in google. In my opinion, I have found that this monthly average volume is good among accurate.


This field shows you the estimated traffic you show in the above screenshot this will help to find which keyword has traffic and how much traffic.


The QSR is an acronym for Quoted Search Results. Meaning of that when you go to Google and in keyword with quotes (Ex “keyword”). That will show you how many competitors on the website and how those exact their keywords in the title.

The lower it is, the better the chances are that you rank higher with the particular keyword  

In General, a rule that under 300 is medium competition, under 200 is low competition and under 100 is very low competition. I suggest for new website aims for under 100 QSR.


KQI is an acronym for keyword quality indicators. This shows that the color green (which means go for it), Yellow (which means might be difficult) and red (which means you want to skip this keyword ).


It scans to see if your competing websites have done there on-page optimization is done correctly. The higher the number (100 is the best) indicates that other competing websites have not properly done optimized their website. You should aim to keywords that have a lower QSR and higher SEO value.


This tells us that if any keyword that exact match domains name, But personally feel that this metric is junk. Because there are various articles that say Google does ranks that are the exact match domain names. Therefore, I would completely avoid this.

Other Features With Jaaxy

More Features With Jaaxy

Alphabet Soup

This feature allows you to brainstorm keywords. You can type keywords and this will provide you keyword ideas where you can able to build content around those keywords.

Saved List

Here you can save your keywords lists so that you came to access them later. It comes in useful when you don’t write all the keywords you may be targeting. You can put them in the different saved list.

Search History

This will keep track of all the keywords that you have searched in the past. It also keeps an ongoing list of your searches.

Site Analysis

This will allow you to search for what is already on Google, Bing, and others. You can see top list sites for any specified keyword, you can also view the metrics of the sites that already raking. Shows their title, URLs, Meta description, Meta keyword, etc.

Jaaxy Pricing

Pros of jaaxy

  • Low monthly cost
  • User interface 
  • Save list 
  • Rank Tracker

Cons of jaaxy

  • Not free
  • Need Internet Connection

Overall, I like to do using Jaaxy. It’s the best keyword research tools, The price compared to other is a lot cheaper  

You can check it out Jaaxy for free if you want You to get 30 free searches to try out the software. You can use the tool via a browser you don’t want to install any software.