Let me explain to you if you are not aware. I must tell you the value of Local Listing / Business Listing to release potential traffic for your small startups/business website. 

As a business owner. Make a list of local listing sites to create listings. But it’s too difficult to choose which listing sites are fit for you. There are many listing sites out there, but to recognize which one has more value is difficult to find.

The Best Business Listing Sites In USA

So Let’s begin, here is the best business listing site in the USA where you must register your local business.


Yelp is a huge brand in all over the world. In 2019 Yelp reported having a monthly average of 61.8 million unique visitors comes via desktop and 76.7 million unique visitors come via a mobile website. So, if you didn't register your small business register now. Yelp provides very few links but that link are much more valuable for your small business websites  


Yellowpage is a US-based business listing site that offers to list for business. In 2013 the Yellow Pages re-branded as YP.com or “YP”. Yellowpage is used by nearly 60 million consumers each month in the US. Yellowpage earned A or A+ ratings. So it’s worth listing your small business here.


Being listed on bing is worth it and important as listed on google my business. You also claim the existing business that already listed or you can create a new business profile by just clicking on getting started now. To create a new account on bing local you need to create/sign up for Hotmail account. After completing steps for registration, Once you fill your contact details and communication preferences. And then once you accepted the terms and conditions. You will be redirected to fill information regarding your small/local business, Such as your business name, address, city, state, business email, Facebook and Twitter page address, postal code and a logo.

Express Update USA

Express update USA operated by Infogroup, And Infogroup has a large database of all business in the USA and also they partnered with top search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc. and small/local business directory to give information on local business. Claiming and optimizing your listing on Express update USA (previously known as InfoUSA). To get listed, you must first check your business listing and claim your business if it already exists in the database. Create a free business account on Express update the USA and fill the same business information on your business website. 

Foursquare is no regular business listing platform but a mobo application that is the fastest growing local business mobile marketing. It provides businesses with free listing that connect to a wider range of smartphone users who check-in in physical business locations. This application is not limited to the USA alone but has an ever-growing community of 20 million users all over the world. Foursquare provides free tools that allow you to engage with your customers. Register your business on foursquare and get started.
EZlocal.com is a business directory that helps you to achieve get top local placement on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. as well as high traffic local listing sites, social networks online maps. Ezlocal.com helps you to maintain your social presence.

The Best Business Listing Sites In USA

I am sure, that the list of best business listing sites in the USA helpful to grow your small business and could reach a wider audience. Choose wisely